It’s time for our week two update from our Toy Destroyer Challengers! Our challengers have used their Ruffwear Huckama™ or Turnup™ for fetch, reward, chew toys and training tools. They have stuffed them with treats and peanut butter and let their dogs have at them.

Here are their updates:



ryker-ruffwear-week2-4926We’ve definitely had a fun second week with the Huckama. As the time has passed and the “new toy smell” has disappeared (with it being carried *everywhere*), Ryker’s become more and more obsessed with it and spends most of his time with it in his mouth or near him in some fashion (usually under his chin if he’s resting). He has it with him pretty much all the time.  It has, ultimately, become his favorite toy to the point he hasn’t even bothered to shred his sister’s stuffy toys that she covets.

We’ve been using the toy lately as a reward for good obedience as an option from the ball on the string or the treats we normally use. With his intensity toward the toy, it has made for some beautiful heeling work in terms of focus – something I can definitely appreciate since it’s always a struggle to keep his focus!

ryker-ruffwear-week2-4922We’ve been including a bit of “work” into his time with the Huckama using the Biscuit Buddy goodies we got along with the Huckama and, occasionally, a dab of peanut butter around one or two of the holes as an added tease – especially when we want him to relax for a little bit.  Long after the goodies are gone, he’ll still happily chew on it.

We’ve gotten a bit of cracking going around a few of the holes from his continued gnawing but it is definitely holding up very well with his continual chewing and gnawing on it – something I’m very, very impressed with as many other toys have failed once the cracking started and he took advantage of the tiny weakness – which hasn’t seemed to happen with the Huckama!

– Amanda 



HenriRuffWear4We are still having a lot of fun with the Turnup and Henri’s interest has remained high. When bringing us something to toss for her Henri will alternate between choosing the Turnup as much or more than a soft disc she can catch out of the air. The Turnup is harder for her to catch which is something she loves, but the Turnup is a lot more fun to chase down.

She has unlimited access to her toys and if she’s playing on her own the Turnup is her go to. It seems that the way it’s made so “squeezy” she doesn’t get bored and keeps her entertained. The boredom is what leads to the destroying. 

 I’ve tried a couple things with treats & kibble in the Turnup. The holes are small but Henri was able to toss it around to fling out the goods, which she loved. I also picked up some rawhide sticks that fit snuggly through both holes that added a fun challenge. 

Turnup10-13-14The Turnup is great for the toss and fetch. Henri being a Cattle Dog, she likes to feel like she’s working as much as playing and the unpredictability of the bounce and direction on the Turnup is just awesome for her daily trips to the park to work out that energy.

– Matt  T.





The crack in Ari’s Huckama has grown slightly, but not too much. I think cracks begin like this in all her toys because she chews them with so much force that the rubber is flattened and then tears under the pressure.

ARI-crack Ari’s interest in the toy has remained about the same since she got it, and her favorite thing is still chewing on it with all her might. I stuff it with treats almost every evening, and it doesn’t take her long to get them out. She chews the toy so hard that the treats break apart inside and then fall out in little pieces.

We’ve played fetch with the Hucakma outside several times, but unfortunately it’s too large to fit in the toy launcher I have and gets slobbery and dirty pretty fast. She certainly has a blast trying to catch it when it bounces erratically! My border collie, Breeze, also enjoys stalking and chasing it.

– Grace S.




Dozer’s interest in the Huckama has decreased some.  He still plays with it when I start bouncing it around, but I think it’s because he has not been successful in destroying it.

 I’ve tried putting hard biscuits in the holes of the Huckama. It is somewhat easy for Dozer to remove the treat but kept his interest longer in the Huckama. I want to try soft treats with it as well.

 I take the Huckama once a week with us to the park in the morning to play fetch. Also Dozer has unlimited access to play the Huckama when I’m at work, and the treats are gone that I stuff in it before I leave for work.

Lindsey S.



JumpingAfter 2 weeks, the Turnup is still Maya’s favorite toy.  All you have to do is tell her, “Find the Turnup” and she will run and get it. If anything, I would say her interest in the toy has increased. I put some treats in the Turnup and she had a good time kicking and rolling it around trying to get them out.

We mostly use the Turnup for playing fetch. It is awesome for a game of fetch due to its unpredictable bouncing… It really tires Maya out which is always a good thing! If I need to keep her busy for a bit I will put some treats in it to keep her entertained. Maya does have unlimited access to the toy. She often will lay and chew on it rather determinedly, but it still has hardly a scratch on it. It is holding up amazingly!

– Sara A.

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