October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

To celebrate we thought we would share photos of the Shelter Dogs of Ruffwear. We are an outdoor company with a focus on sharing our outdoor adventures with dogs – all dogs, any shape, any size, and any breed or mix thereof. Here are the fifteen shelter rescue pups that are regulars at our office.

Meet Toby, Tater, Tiki, Sophie, Seppi, Reef, Nellie, Max, Maddie, Layla, Kaya, Jossie, Gus, Cody and Chief!

Share your shelter dogs pics with us! If you rescue a dog this month, share a picture on our facebook page!

TobyandTater    Tiki Sophie Seppi Reef NellieUmpqua Max Maddie Layla Kaya Jossie Gus Cody Chief







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