It’s the moment that we have been waiting for. Most of our Toy Destroyer Challengers have had a full week with their new Ruffwear Huckama™ or Turnup™ durable rubber dog toys. They have spent the past week chasing, fetching, gnawing, chomping and guarding their new toys. The only requirement for each of our challengers is that they provide a weekly update to us, so we can share them with you. For this first week, we asked them to tell us what their first impressions were upon receiving their toy, how interested their dogs was in the toy, and how durable to toy seemed after one week of abuse.

Here are their words:


Ryker and I are writing in for our fun with the Huckama!


When I first opened our package, I was gleefully surprised at the Huckama. Not only is it larger than your standard tennis ball (something I worry about him swallowing if he chews it up!), it has holes and is hollow on the inside – which makes it PERFECT for stuffing small bits of treat into to provide additional entertainment. It’s a nice, soft rubber but it was very difficult for me to compress so I am guessing it may actually hold up to him for a while!

ryker-ruffwear2014-4806Ryker was extremely excited to play with the toy. He repeatedly attempted to steal it out of my hands before I was even able to get the packaging off and attempted to help me remove it from the packaging before I was ready. When we tossed it, it bounced erratically and kept him guessing on where it would go.  This kept the entertainment factor up high for him and kept him wanting it more. Once he was finally out of breath from throwing it in the air by himself, I stuffed a few goodies inside which gave him the opportunity to work them out of the holes in the toy.  (Even with his continued chewing, there were no teeth marks or punctures!)

Even though we got a late start on playing with our toy, I will definitely give it a five on durability and resiliency. The fun shape and added holes are allowing for lots of rambunctious play with and continuous entertainment. He definitely isn’t bored and hasn’t let any of the other dogs near it – which is mega praise from him as he doesn’t usually hoard toys and readily shares with them.”

– Amanda 



Our initial impression of the Turnup was the shape and feel were real nice. I liked the feel of it with the dimples. I usually go for a little bigger diameter on ball toys for Henri because even though she is smaller, they seem to give her more of a challenge when playing. This ended up not being the case at all with the Turnup.

I dig the lime green color and in the house it is great, stands out really well. Playing in the grass outside I would loss track of it from time to time because of the green, but Henri tracks so well it is never an issue. 

Straight out of the box Henri went right for it. You sent the Lunker toy as well and she dropped the Turnup and grabbed that for a minute but went straight back to the Turnup. Henri seemed to really dig the high rebound as she could squeeze it in her mouth and it would bounce out so she could re-catch it. This made it so she could keep herself engaged with out having to dump it inn my lap to throw again. 


She has a bucket of toys and they all get dumped back in there, she has consistently chosen the Turnup to pull out and bring to us when told to grab a toy. 

TurnUp10-06-14I take Henrietta out every morning for an hour or so to “work” (the cattle dog has to get her job in) and the Turnup has been great. I normally use the mini soccer ball or a disc because they engage her brain more as she has to track and judge her jumps to catch both for returns. The Turnup was awesome because unlike a standard ball it would not do what Henri expected and she had to work a bit harder to track and retrieve it. She loved it. 

And again the high rebound added another level of fun as it would often bounce away from again after she caught it. 

The Turnup is holding up really well. Henrietta’s move with balls is to find the seam and either crunch the ball to snap it or tear at it till she can pull it apart. The Turnup isn’t giving in, that high rebound again is the big thing there. It may well make it the three weeks without much damage at all.

– Matt  T.




Upon receiving the Huckama toy, what where your immediate first impressions?

The very first thing I did when I got the Huckama was toss it around in the back yard for Ari, and she immediately loved it. I liked the size and shape of it and was impressed by how thick the rubber was while still retaining enough of a chewy quality to keep Ari interested.

One of my favorite things about the toy is that the treat insertion openings are offset so treats don’t fall out the other end as soon as I stuff them in. I also really like the color of the toy and the grippy texture.

When first introducing the toy to Ari, what were her first impressions?

Love at first sight. To be fair, she’s never met a piece of rubber she didn’t become instantly infatuated with, but this toy has quickly become one of her favorites. Some of her preferred activities include chasing it, carrying it around everywhere, marathon chews, staring contests, sleeping and snuggling with it, dropping it in my lap, and playing keep away from my border collie Breeze.

HenriAfter having the toy for a week, how has it held up?

It still resembles its original shape, which is an astonishing feat after a week of pure torture from Ari. To sum it up, Ari has not let the toy out of her sight and has not yet been able to rip it in two, deform it, or tear it to tiny bits. The only damage she’s been able to do so far is put a few teeth marks in it and start a tear on the inside of an opening.

– Grace S.



image 2 copy

My first impression of the Huckama was excitement.  Right away you can tell it’s a quality dog toy. The natural rubber is super bouncy and the bright color of the Huckama makes it easy to find the ball when Dozer does not. I also like the odd shape of the Huckama, giving imageDozer more of a challenge chasing it down.

Dozer was right there when I opened the package. He was super interested in what I had once I opened it and pulled the Huckama out of its packaging. I made him sit before given it to him, bounced it off the kitchen floor and he immediately chased it down. He then took it into the other room and chewed and gnawed on it for the next 45 minutes.

After a week, the Huckama has held up amazingly. It looks practically brand-new besides a scuff-mark from the pavement. I would give the Huckama a five for durability after week 1.

-Lindsey S.


2014-10-01 05.47.10

What were your first impressions upon receiving the Turnup?

I like the color and shape.  When I first saw it in the packaging, I was worried it might be a bit small for Maya as most of her toys are bigger.  But after playing fetch with her with it, it is a nice size for her.  My impression was that it seemed very durable.

What was Maya’s first impression of the Turnup?

She ran off with it and immediately started chewing on it.  Definitely very interested in it.

DSCN5143After having the toy for a week, how has it help up? 

After having the toy for one week, the Turnup has help up very well, hardly even any scratches or tooth marks.

Rate your week 1 durability impression.

So far, we give it a 5.

– Sara A.


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