Our friends at the Conservation Canines have selected the top five challengers for our Toy Destroyer Challenge! These five dogs have displayed their ability to destroy most toys within a matter of minutes. Each are being sent either a Huckama™ or a Turnup™ Toy and are being asked to engage with their toy for a three-week period, providing us with weekly updates, photos and videos. Over the next three weeks, we will share their stories, photos and videos with you. Follow along here on our blog and on our Facebook page for the weekly updates.

Will our all-natural, ultra-durable rubber toys stand up to these five canines with jaws of steel?

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Read the Week Three Update HERE.

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Meet the challengers:



“Ari is a 50 pound Dutch shepherd with jaws of steel. She can chew through nearly anything, and I’ve yet to find a toy she can’t damage in some way. She can eat an entire beef center bone in one sitting and reduce the most durable toy balls to tiny bits. To this day, her thirst for the ultimate chew toy remains unquenched. She would love to find a toy she can chew morning to night without risk to her life and my sanity (not to mention bank account).” – Grace S.



“Henri is an Australian Cattle dog mix, whose job is to wreck toys. Here favorite is mini soccer balls which normally only last a month. She’d be a great test for the toys.” – Matt T.




“We can’t seem to find toys that cannot be destroyed by Ryker (or our other five dogs!). Ryker had a large durable ball for a matter of 15 minutes and it already has the handle coming off thanks to his overzealous abuse of toys.” – Amanda W.




“Dozer is my adventure partner, whenever I’m not working we are out enjoying southeastern Colorado and all it has to offer, but when I am at work I call him the master destroyer. I have yet still to find a dog toy or ball to hold it’s own against Dozer and last longer than 48 hours. The only thing that comes close is a golf ball, and as you can see from the picture they get destroyed as well. That is why I believe Dozer would be great to test out the Huckama or Turnup Toy.” – Lindsay S.



“Maya approaches toy destruction with single-minded determination… no toy is safe.” – Sara A.




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