This morning, we woke up to temperatures in the upper thirties – which sent me scrambling though a light blue plastic bin labeled “winter”, in hopes I’d find something warm to wear for my morning commute. While our daytime highs are still hovering close to eighty degrees, the chilly nights, along with images of already snow dusted peaks in Colorado, are signs that summer is beginning to close its doors to make way for fall, and eventually winter.

almanac1Recently, the Old Farmers Almanac – a publication that has been releasing weather predictions, planting charts, tide-tables, recipes and good old folk lore since 1792 – released it’s 2015 edition, predicting a “super cold” winter. “Refriger-Nation” is the term they used to be exact. To be more specific, they predict that the eastern two-thirds of the US is in for a cold winter. Though they clarify “colder than average” is really only a difference of two to five degrees overall.

After reading this, we started asking ourselves, how do most people use this information? Do people tend to prepare ahead of time for the cold, gearing up with insulation layers and chopping loads of wood before the winter hits, or wait to see what actually happens, then gear up?

If you tend to prepare ahead of time, don’t leave your dogs out! Our redesigned K-9 Overcoat is a perfect, do-it-all coat that boasts a durable, wind and water-resistant outer shell, with a comfy, warm fleece liner to trap heat and keep your pup warm when the temps drop.


If you like to wait until the weather hits, fortunately, we have great dealers across the country and internationally, who are stocked and ready for what may be a chilly winter. You can find your local dealer using our dealer locator HERE.

Which are you? Do you prep early for winter or wait to see what the weather decides to do?


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