Why walk one dog when two dogs are twice the fun? For those who regularly walk more than one dog, Ruffwear brings you the new Double Track™ Coupler – a two-dog leash adapter.


The Double Track Coupler is built with Ruffwear’s Wavelength™ stretch webbing that provides just enough stretch in the leash to allow each dog to explore his or her area without pulling hard against the second dog, or the human on the other end of the leash.

Securely clip into your dog’s harness or collar with the swiveling Crux Clip™. This strong and lightweight Ruffwear-designed clip swivels to eliminate tangling while allowing easy, one-handed use.


Combine the Double Track Coupler with the Slackline™ Leash for the perfect length-adjustable two-dog set up. The Slackline Leash allows you to adjust the length the your dogs are away from you – giving them more room to roam when appropriate and bringing them in close for urban environments or busy trailheads.

Have more than two dogs? Just combine multiple couplers for your multi-dog outings!

Shop the Double Track Coupler HERE.

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