It can’t rain all the time… right? But when it does, make sure you have the gear to stay dry. In the mountains, some say that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment. Being prepared is the difference between just getting by and enjoying the experience.


One brand new accessory that is now an essential for any multi-day outing or long-distance thru-hike is the Hi & Dry™ Saddlebag Cover. This lightweight, high-visibility dog pack rain cover fits over the Ruffwear Approach Pack™ and Palisades Pack™ as well as a number of other dog packs on the market. Designed in a bright yellow color that includes reflective print on each side for low-light visibility, the Hi & Dry Cover makes it easier to identify your dog in inclement weather and at night.


The waterproof fabric features taped seams to keep water out and is easy to put on and take off while staying put during activity. When not in use, simply store the cover in its integrated storage bag and stuff inside your dog’s pack.

Available in three sizes, match the Hi & Dry cover size to the size of your dog’s pack for a perfect, secure fit.


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  1. In every season every pet owner wants to keep their pets safe because they love their pet equals to children. Your product is very nice and useful rainy season. It is looking very fine and in good quality. I think , Every pet owner should purchase.

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