UPDATED: May 4, 2017

As the temperatures rise, we start to receive questions from our fans about which dog boot we recommend for summer adventures. While some typically think of using dog boots for winter applications, there are numerous reasons why dog boots are a great idea during the summer months.

If you are looking for boots to protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement or rugged, rocky surfaces, our summer boot of choice is the Grip Trex™..

Riley pictured with owner John Schultz in Acadia National Park, Maine. Photo by Maria Schultz.

What makes the Grip Trex a great summer boot? Here are three reasons to look no further when trying to protect your canine adventure companion’s paws.

1. Breathable upper. Dogs have two main methods of staying cool – panting and sweating through their paws. The mesh upper on the Grip Trex makes it our most breathable boot, allowing the dog’s paw to perspire, facilitating their natural cooling mechanism. Because the upper on this boot is breathable, it is also an excellent boot for any water-based activity – providing ample drainage and keeping water from collecting inside the boot.

2. The protective, rugged Vibram™ outsole provides optimum protection from extremely hot surfaces like rock, pavement and sand. This outsole is non-marking and durable enough to last for multiple seasons.

3. The low cut design makes them easy to put on whenever you need them and easy to remove when you don’t. It also makes them lightweight so you can easily carry them in a pack to have them ready when needed.

As with all Ruffwear products, fit is paramount in ensuring the highest performance of the Grip Trex boots. To guarantee the proper fit, measure the width of your dog’s paws.

Once you get the paw width measurement, refer to the Fit Guide for the proper sized boot. For dogs whose paw width measurement falls right in between sizes, we recommend that you go with the smaller size. It is best for this product to fit snug.

Lastly, we thought we would share a few comments from the product reviews we have received on the Grip Trex boot.

“We do SAR with our dogs and they wear the boots through rough terrain. Cactus, rocks, brush, thorns, etc. they stay on and keep paws from being sore.” – Reviewer from Arizona/New Mexico

“I love these boots on hot days. The city streets get so hot that the asphalt melts and becomes gooey so paws need protection. These boots not only protect the bottoms, but the mesh uppers allow the foot to breath so the dog stays cooler.” – Reviewer from New York City, NY

“We bike while running our dogs during the summer down the shore – hot asphalt and sand are like glass on their pads and during the winter when the salt can be irritating. These shoes have been a godsend.” – Reviewer from New Jersey

“I bought them for my Service Dog in Training because her paws were getting burned by the hot pavement and she was slipping all over the floors at the mall but those problems are now a thing of the past!” – Reviewer from Irmo, SC

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  1. I will be getting some of these boots. We used a generic set this past weekend and kept losing them and having to stop and re-do them. It was a pain. Great post!

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