FC_CollageOne of the best things about being a part of the Ruffwear online pack is seeing the photos that you share with us. We are inspired daily by the photos that our customers share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A common theme lately, and rightly so, has been dogs playing in the water in their K-9 Float Coats™. As the temperatures rise, the water beckons!

For dogs that love to join their humans rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing and paddle boarding, the K-9 Float Coat is an essential piece of equipment. What started as a desire to create a product that a dog could not slip out of, has turned in to a well-refined canine flotation jacket that leaves no detail behind. From the strategically placed handle and ample belly coverage to the sheltered leash attachment and buckles, our product team left no stone unturned in creating this water play essential. Ruffwear Ambassador and author of “How To SUP With Your PUP“, Maria Christina Schultz had this to say about dog life jackets, “always make your dog wear a life jacket. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about why dogs should wear life jackets in the water. On paddleboards, the handle on the life jacket is so important because it gives you a way to get your dog back on the board. Also, dogs that love the water may exhaust themselves before they realize they are too tired to swim back to you. Lastly, if you get separated from your dog while on the water, a brightly colored jacket will help you and other boaters spot him.”

Here are a few key details of the K-9 Float Coat.


As with all Ruffwear products, fit is paramount in ensuring the highest performance in the Float Coat.  To guarantee the proper fit, start by measuring the girth of your dog (the widest point around the chest). Click HERE for a video that shows how to get this measurement. Once you get the girth measurement, refer to the Fit Guide below. For dogs whose girth measurement falls right in between sizes, we recommend that you go with the smaller size. It is best for this product to fit snug, and not loose.


Once you have the correct size, you are ready to hit the water! Just don’t forget to share photos with us of your water adventures!












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