This Saturday, June 21st, is the Summer Solstice – a day that marks the first day of summer for us in the northern hemisphere and brings on the longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice marks yet another period of change. Changes in the season, changes in the earth’s orientation with the sun and changes in the activities we focus on as the weather shifts and the snow melts away. For some it may also mark another change – the peak of shedding season, the nemesis of vacuum machines everywhere (our recommendation is a few good swims in a lake or river, followed by a little brushing).

For many of us, longer days are what we live for. We long to wake up early, hit the trails, rock or river and return to the car via headlamp assistance long after the sun has bid farewell. The fact that we don’t need headlamps until after 9 PM allows us to dream up bigger, more ambitious missions.


At Ruffwear, we are motivated by the plans and stories of our fans and colleagues. When we get an email describing a multi-day backpacking trip to the Wind River Range, we break out our maps, packs and dog treats and plan our own backpacking outing. When we hear stories of dogs climbing fourteeners in Colorado, our minds shift to the surrounding peaks and plans are drawn.

We wanted to share a few plans that some of our employees have with you, in hopes that you will share your summer adventure plans with us.

UpdatedLauren – Lauren and Tiki are “going international – we’re going to going mountain biking in Whistler, BC!  Whoo hoo!”

UpdatedPatrick– Ruffwear founder, Patrick Kruse, is planning on  “loading up Mavis and Chief and the family in the home made solar power assisted self contained van turned camper and heading on a two week Northwest to Southwest tour. Potential stops along the way include Alvord desert, Fruita, Moab, Kanab, Mesa Verde, Zion and numerous yet to be known camp spots along water rivers and lakes. Our destination is the Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta. Activities along the way include Land Sailing, Hiking, swimming, Mt. Biking, Hang Gliding, and kayaking.”

blair– “During the summer Erik, Rory and I cover a lot of ground” said Blair. “Early mornings and late nights is the language of the season. One of our favorite trips, and one that we hold close to our exploring hearts, is the annual jaunt to to camp in the Umpqua National Forest. A few days of hiking through old growth, afternoons by the river, sunrise hot springs soaks, a moss-floored camp site, waterfall adventures and forest exploring never fails to bring wide smiles and a sense of peace to our little threesome!”

Please share with us how you plan to take advantage of the longer days that the Solstice promises. We hope this summer brings on many grand adventures, adventures that create stories to be shared, in turn motivating others to get out and explore the great outdoors.

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