In the outdoor world, the approach is just the start of something grand. It is a necessary piece of any adventure puzzle. Whether tackling a peak, paddling a river or skiing a new couloir, you must start with the approach. The word conjures up images of a trail leading the way to a peak in the distant horizon.

We feel that the same can be said for the Approach Pack™. When our dogs see the Approach Pack come out, they know immediately that this is the start of something grand – a great adventure awaits. This pack is a necessary tool for a dog’s outdoor outings.

50101_ApproachPack_PacificBlue_Left_ZoomThe Approach Pack combines excellent fit, thanks to the Web Master Harness frame, with ample storage capacity for any single day outing or lightweight overnight adventure. Pack a layer or two, some water, food and bowls and you are ready to approach your next objective!

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Where will the Approach Pack take you this summer?

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    1. Hi D,

      Unfortunately the saddle bags do not have a way of attaching to the regular Web Master Harness. It is sewed on in the manufacturing process.

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