Bivy (biv·ou·ac /ˈbivo͞oˌak,ˈbivwak/) – a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.

bivyWhen thinking about our Bivy series of collapsible bowls, you may ask yourself, what does the word bivy have to do with a dog bowl?

Well… there are two types of bivouacs – planned and unplanned bivys. When you plan for a bivy, or even a potential bivy, you come prepared. You may pack some source of heat, food, hydration, extra layers, and or a tarp to build a temporary shelter. Let’s just say that planned bivys are much more comfortable, physically and mentally, than an unplanned bivy!


All three bowls in the Ruffwear Bivy Bowl™ series are designed to be collapsible, go anywhere, lightweight bowls. They are the type of bowl that you don’t leave home without, so that you are prepared for longer days (or nights) and can extend your adventures for you and your dog safely. When you are planning for an adventure, if the word bivy is on your mind, you are more likely to pack appropriately and be prepared.

Have you and your dog ever had a planned, or better yet, unplanned bivouac experience? We’d love to hear about it!

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