Every adventure requires fuel. For many of us that means eating a proper meal before heading out and ensuring we have enough food, bars or gels in our pack to sustain us throughout the adventure.

This is no different for our dogs. In order to make the experience more enjoyable, proper nutrition and hydration are very important.

We know through the photos that you share with us that you are on the go, constantly sharing outings with your dogs. Because of this, we are now offering a select line of premium dog treats through Ruffwear.com. After months of research in the treat market, including extensive discovery sessions on ingredients, sourcing practices and manufacturing principles, we are confident that we have found some of the best products to offer to you that serve a variety of purposes and needs.

Whether you need calorie dense treats to fuel a week-long backpacking outing, want a low caloric treat to use for training or want a functional treat to provide extra glucosamine after a long mountain bike ride, we are confident you will find some great treat options in our selections. “What better way to share a trip with your canine companion than stopping for a snack and taking in the scenery. We chose to work with brands who, through our own experience and research, we’ve come to trust to feed our adventures,” explains Ruffwear President, Will Blount. “These are all brands who pride themselves on high quality, real ingredients and use best practice manufacturing processes with extensive quality control checks in place.”

All of our selections are free of wheat, corn and soy – avoiding the three most common dog allergies. The four brands we are offering include Cloud Star, The Honest Kitchen, Stella & Chewy’s and Wet Noses. Here is a brief explanation of each treat that we have selected. To learn more and shop these great treats, click HERE.


Grain Free Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits

These semi-moist treats offer 9.5-10 calories per treat and will delight dogs with wholesome, easy-to-digest ingredients. We are offering these treats in two flavors, Homestyle Peanut Butter and Smooth Aged Cheddar. Great for fueling longer hikes, runs or mountain bike rides.

Chewy Tricky Trainers

At 3 calories per treat, these are perfect to use in training and rewarding your dog. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Available in Cheddar, Liver or Salmon flavors.

Dynamo Dog Hip & Joint

Cloud Star offers a fun and delicious way to help support your dog’s specific needs with their Dynamo Dog Functional Treats, Hip & Joint Formula. With all the running and jumping dogs do in a day, they could use the added glucosamine and chondroitin, plus specially selected fruits, vegetables, and herbs to keep them feeling their best. These treats are perfect for post adventure recovery and hip and joint development. 11.5-12 calories per treat.


Carnivore Crunch

Freeze-dried treats that can be given whole as a training reward, or crumbled over food at mealtimes for added flavor and nutrition. Available in three flavors: Grass-Fed Beef (2.5 calories per treat), Wild-Caught Salmon & Cod (1.2 calories per treat), and Cage-Free Turkey (2.4 calories per treat).

Carnivore Kisses

Carnivore Kisses are as simple as it gets, these single ingredient, freeze-dried treats contain no artificial preservatives, no dyes and no sugar or salt.

For those looking for the ultimate in limited ingredient treats, check out these ingredient lists:

Flavor: 100% Chicken
Ingredients: Chicken

Flavor: 100% Duck
Ingredients: Duck

Flavor: 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon
Ingredients: Salmon



Nuzzles are a great low-calorie (2.3 calories per treat) baked dog treat made with premium, human-grade ingredients, perfect for larger dogs and for training. They may be light on calories, but with irresistible ingredients like duck, cherries and parmesan cheese, these treats are packed with flavor.


Pecks are another low calorie treat offering, the bite-sized Pecks are perfect training treats or treats for smaller dogs that are hand baked from human-grade ingredients. Available in Buffalo & Blueberry flavor. Only 0.6 calories per treat.


Our three options from Wet Noses are all USDA Certified Organic and vegetarian. Available in three flavors – Peanut Butter & Molasses, Agave & Pear and Peas & Carrots – these treats are high in calories (30 calories per treat) and are baked so they can be thrown in your pocket or pack without leaving any residue. These are ideal to stay fueled for big adventures and multi-day backpacking trips.

We want to hear from you! What are your favorite treats to feed and why? Leave a comment below to share.

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