We know the main reason most visit our blog is to see cool pictures of dogs. While most of our posts will satisfy that need, this one is not really about dogs. It is not even about dog gear. It is one of those behind-the-scenes stories that highlights other things we get excited about and that are important to us. But, if you did come just to see cool pictures of dogs, don’t go away, we’ll include one at the end of this post just for you!

Ruffwear recently undertook a project to upgrade all of the lights in our Bend, OR based warehouse. We changed out all of our existing 400-Watt metal halides, a common lighting fixture in warehouse applications, with LED light fixtures. Why does that matter? Well, we are excited about this for a number of reasons.


First, LED lighting is significantly more efficient. Not only are the bulbs more efficient, we installed sensors that turn the lights in certain areas off when there is ample natural light. This LED lighting retrofit is equivalent to offsetting 9tons of CO2, or planting over 1.4 acres of reforested trees annually. It will also amount to over $1,900 in energy savings each year. That’s a win win! We are committed to not only the health of our business, but also to a healthy environment.

We worked with the Energy Trust of Oregon, a nonprofit that provides cash incentives and services for energy efficiency improvements, for guidance and assistance and trusted the installation to the great folks at SunlightSolar.

Another benefit of LED lighting is that LED bulbs last longer, requiring fewer replacements annually. The avoided maintenance costs could add up to $1,600 each year in avoided labor and materials, not to mention fewer halogen bulbs heading to the landfill. Another win win.

And last, but not least, LED lighting not only reduces energy usage, they also enhance visual aesthetics and comfort over all compact and tube fluorescents. LED’s have a very high Color Rendition Index (CRI), which gives a more accurate rendition of the true color of an object. Many retail businesses are also converting to LED in order to give a higher quality of light and CRI in their stores. In the end, even small things can make a difference in reducing energy usage and diverting waste from landfills. Ruffwear will continue to seek ways to contribute to resource conservation and protection of wild spaces where dogs and their human companions roam.

And for those waiting for the dog picture, meet Indie – Ruffwear Ambassador, Nikki Gregg’s new SUP adventure partner!




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