For each of us, the relationships we have with our dogs are unique – shaped by the adventures we share. They are our trail mates. Our biking buddies. Our constant companions.

How would you sum up the meaning of your canine companion in a word or phrase? What does you dog mean to you?

This year, we are setting out to ponder this question and hope that you will join us in completing the sentence, “My dog is my ___.”

Let us know by sharing your photos, videos and comments, using the hashtag #mydogismy. We can’t wait to be motivated, moved and humored by your responses.

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  1. My dog is my protector and my savior. He is a watchdog and he saves my sanity. Nothing like a dog for instant solace and non-judgmental heartwarming love—-on tap. (He’s also pretty good at vacuuming my kitchen floor.)

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