What inspires you?

Our designers ask themselves this question every time they sit down to work on a new product or pattern.

Recently, Ruffwear introduced a fresh new line of Hoopie™ collars and Flat Out™ leashes, made using our Tubelok™ webbing and boasting all new patterns. We asked the designer of these new patterns what inspired her in the design.

“Our webbing patterns are inspired by the wild places where we love to recreate with dogs,” said Lindsey Clark. “The mountains, the ocean, the forest… these are the places we dream about when plotting our next adventure.”

“Our Teton pattern depicts one of the most visually arresting mountain ranges in the US.”


“You can almost hear the leaves rustle through the forest in our Aspen pattern.”


“Our Wildflower pattern is playful and lighthearted, just like a day spent among alpine flora.”


“And finally, our Pacific pattern is reminiscent of the vast blue-green expanse of the ocean.”


 Shop the new patterns of collars HERE and leashes HERE.

When you think of the places and scenes that inspire you, what do you think could make for good leash or collar patterns?

One thought

  1. Ruffwear product team,

    I love the durable, stays clean, doesn’t-soak-up-gross-pond-water feature of your Headwater collars. I wish you would release an H-style harness made of the same material!

    I take my dog out to swim a lot but prefer to use a harness when leashed and cleaning a cotton harness afterwards to avoid the smell is a pain. She often wears her web master harness hiking but that isn’t stinkproof.

    Something to consider! I’m sure I’m not the only owner who would appreciate it.


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