Ruffwear introduces a new line of natural wooden stick toys and is asking for your help!


We have been working for years to perfect the dog toy. Our designs focus on toys that are interactive, highly durable and constructed from natural and or recycled materials. At times, we feel like we have nailed it, only to be outdone once again by our toughest competitor… the stick. Countless times we have seen dogs in full sprint, chasing a toy that has been thrown, only to return with an attractive stick in their mouth rather than the toy.


So, we decided, why fight it? If dogs love sticks so much, let’s start shipping sticks!

IMG_9611We have teamed up with our partners at The Conservation Alliance to develop an environmentally responsible sourcing plan and started collecting sticks from around the country during stewardship projects called Backyard Collectives – which are events that bring together member company employees and local grantees for a day of environmental action. Through these environmental projects, we have been able to clean up natural environments and collect different types of sticks in the process! Locally, Ruffwear has been fortunate enough to work with Deschutes Land Trust, Oregon Natural Desert Association, and Upper Deschutes Watershed Council on such projects.

By removing sticks from specific areas, we are helping with fire mitigation efforts, clearing fuel for wildfires, as well as making room for new growth.

Whether your dog prefers spruce, juniper, pine, birch, aspen or maple, we hope to have them covered.

We have been able to collect plenty of pine and juniper (both plentiful here in Central Oregon), as well as some birch and aspen.

SticksWhat we want to know from you is what other types of wood your dog would like?

To help us identify what kind of sticks your dogs want, we are having a little Facebook contest. Head over to our Facebook page and comment on today’s post to be entered to win. We will be giving away a few Ruffwear toys to three lucky winners!

This contest is over. Thank you to everyone for taking part in our April Fools shenanigans! Sorry, we will not really be shipping sticks. We still think our toys are better :).


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  1. Storm likes any kind of stick. I would prefer any natural hardwood stick. Oak or cherry would look nice hanging around the house. As these trees are already harvested for wood their byproducts (branches) should be easy and inexpensive to collect!

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