We love to receive stories from people who are using our gear to enhance their adventures year-round. Here is a story from Jason Kline in Santa Barbara, CA about a recent quest to find some swimming holes in the mountains just outside of Santa Barbara. We hope you enjoy this story and share your own HERE!

The never ending southern California winter drought inspired myself and some friends to go backpacking in search of a much needed swimming hole. The four of us and our four pooches got our backpacks packed and set out to find water up the Manzana trail in Santa Barbara county, California.

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We arrived at the trail head mid-morning, along with the heat. It is a little weird for it to be 80 degrees in February! The eight of us put on our packs and began the seven mile trek to Manzana Narrows camp. Three and a half miles in at Fish Camp there were no fish to be seen, let alone any water. We began to worry if we had enough water, especially for the four panting mutts with us. Mochi packed our water purifier, but our hydration packs were running low.


The next mile may have been the hardest and hottest. The terrible thought that there might not be any water at all haunted me and the rest of the group. We ran into a gypsy campsite on the side of the trail. Our worries were put to rest when we heard the enticing sound of a crystal clear creek dotted with epic swimming holes for us and the dogs. We stopped here for a bit and continued uphill. Everyone was in a much better mood after chilling out and getting wet. After following the creek up trail another three miles we arrived at our final destination. The swimming hole there was large enough to fit our whole crew. Of course we had to take the Ruffwear packs off first!


We love camping and hiking with our dogs and we love even more that they can carry their own food, treats, and water in their Ruffwear gear.

More tales to come!

Many thanks to Jason for sharing his story with us. We want to hear about your outdoor adventures – share your story with us.

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