When you think of meetings, the word “fun” probably does not come to mind. That is, unless you are talking about product naming meetings. Twice a year, the entire Ruffwear pack gets together for one of our favorite meetings – the new product naming meeting.

naming meeting

What makes product naming meetings fun? The whole office comes together, dogs included, and we have a brainstorming session where no idea is a bad idea. Every name belted out makes the white board. We take time to learn about a new product, the inspiration behind it, the features that make it unique and the intended uses. We then discuss the adventurous activities that this product enables and daydream about names that relate and inspire us.


Take the Singletrak Pack™ for instance. This streamlined dog hydration pack was designed with trail-bound adventures in mind. Whether packing for a peak bagging mission, long hike, trail run or mountain bike ride, our thoughts envision one thing, a single trail heading off in to the distance. It’s that single trail that beckons us, that says, vehicles can’t go here, and conjures up the emotions of adventure.


It was a natural fit to name this product – a product designed to allow you to extend your adventure further down the trail, knowing that you have water for your canine companion – after a single-track trail.

What adventures do you dream about when you hear the word single-track?

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    1. Hi Emily, this photo was taken in Vail, CO. We were there for the Go Pro Mountain Games last summer and one of our employees took this photo while on a trail run in the morning.

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