Celebrating Office Dogs is a blog series where we pay tribute to the companies that embrace the canine culture and allow their employees to bring their dogs to work.

At Ruffwear, we know there are many benefits to having our canine sidekicks by our side but we wanted to explore the benefits that other companies see in opening their offices to dogs, what special accommodations (if any) they put in place to make the office dog-friendly, and hear their inspiring and, at times hilarious, office dog stories.

THKLogoFor this installment, we are highlighting The Honest Kitchen natural dehydrated pet foods. Their commitment to quality and the environment resonate with us at Ruffwear, and their food and treats resonate even more with the dogs in our office! We’ve heard some say that their dogs are jealous of the dogs at Ruffwear and we have to say, the Ruffwear dogs are totally jealous of the dogs that get to go to The Honest Kitchen everyday!

We were excited to get the opportunity to ask Carmen Velasquez to share her thoughts on their employee dogs and how they shape the office culture. Based on the photos she shared with us, their pups are loving life!



Q: How many employees are in the office at The Honest Kitchen?

There are sixteen employees in our office.

Q: How many dogs come to the office on an average day?


Q: Are there any unique changes or things that your company has done to accommodate dogs in the office?

Our company was built around having a pet friendly office! We have almost as many dog beds as chairs and it’s not uncommon to find one of the ‘human staff’ sitting on the floor for meetings, while the pups contribute from the couch. Our pets are treated as valued executives – they get office pet-icures, occasional massages, beach days and lots of delicious all natural dog treats to keep them fueled during the day. Having the dogs as part of our day also makes for plenty of much-needed fresh air for the human staff, since twice daily walks are part of our routine.

Dogs on Couch (1 of 7)

You can meet our co-woofers here!

Q: What do you see as the benefits of having dogs in the office?

We can’t imagine not having a dog friendly office. They are such an amazing addition to our day. Our dogs, like most, have a way of being hilarious exactly when we need them to be. They’re ice breakers, stress reducers, and also our best friends. They also have an uncanny ability to know when an office visitor is wearing a slightly-too-smart suit, and take the cue to sidle in for some hair-scattering attention.

Q: Can you share your funniest or favorite office dog moment?

We’ve had lots of funny dog moments over the years! One of my favorites was when we were filming our short Brand Film, and we were shooting a part in the conference room where the dogs were helping us people taste some new ingredients for the foods. We have a sweet, semi-blind pug in the office, Felix, who was in charge of checking out the sample of dehydrated potato flakes, which were sitting in a clear square dish. He could smell the potatoes, but doesn’t have the best sense of depth and sniffed the potato and immediately sneezed, creating a white billowing cloud around his face!


Q: Leashed in the office or free range?

For the most part we have free-range hounds. We do have a lot of gates within the office to keep the pups in their guardians’ work areas and prevent them from getting too adventurous with twelve in attendance most days, the afternoon wrestling sessions can get a little out of hand if the pups don’t stay in their own departments!

Q: Any additional comments of how dogs add to your office culture.

Most people imagine a dog friendly office with misbehaved dogs barking or playing all day, but that’s typically not the case. Most of the day, our pups sleep, and at around 11 and 3, they go for walks with their friends.


Our office dogs also play a huge role in The Honest Kitchen’s product development process. Since our foods are human grade, we also get to taste everything ourselves which is pretty cool, but ultimately we’re looking for four paws up from our canine co-woofers, before a new recipe gets approval to go to market!

We would like to thank Carmen and The Honest Kitchen for taking the time to share their office dog experiences with us. We love to see happy dogs coming to work with their humans daily.


Stay tuned for next month’s edition of Celebrating Office Dogs.

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