Who doesn’t love road trips? In fact, some of us love them so much that we even love planning for them. We cherish that time when we get to grab a cup of fresh brewed coffee, pull out a map and dream big. It’s been said that when you take your dog on many adventures, they view you as their gateway to fun, their enabler of excitement. I know that when my dog, Seppi, sees my red Osprey climbing pack come out of the gear closet, his whole body starts to wiggle with excitement. He does the same when he sees his Kibble Kaddie™ getting filled with his dry dog food. He knows immediately that, wherever I am going, he is coming along and adventure awaits.


At Ruffwear, we are excited to re-introduce the Kibble Kaddie – a road trip-worthy dog food storage and dispensing system. This dog food bag is made with a grease-resistant lining that prevents moisture from getting in and grease from the kibble from getting out. The roll-top lid allows you to reduce the volume of the bag as food is used and provides a secure closure keeping contents inside.

The Kibble Kaddie holds up to 42 cups (10L) of kibble so you can take off for multiple days knowing you have enough food for your canine backseat driver. When it is mealtime, simply open the food chute that is held in place by an integrated magnet, grab the side handle and pour contents into their food bowl.


The stretch-mesh stash product in the front is large enough to carry a collapsible bowl and other small essentials like leashes or waste pick-up bags.

With the Kibble Kaddie on hand, the only question left while planning for your next road trip is, how are you going to pack your human food?

Learn more about the Kibble Kaddie HERE.

Where will your next road trip take you?

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  1. Do you have any idea when this will be back in stock? And the bivy bowl too? Q-bert and I are out and about a lot, so lunch and water are a must. Really looking forward to adding these to our gear. 🙂

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