Since 1994, For Dogs On the Go® has been our guiding principle here at Ruffwear. Creating gear that strengthens that bond between humans and canines is simply what we set out to accomplish as we design and develop products to enhance and inspire those interactions between humans and our canine friends. This season we set out in several directions as we saw opportunities to resolve, redesign and expand our lineup. Many of these items you may recognize from past product offerings, and when you look closely you will notice some interesting changes.

05301_SunShower_PurpleDusk_Right_ZoomPart of our design ethos here at Ruffwear is to do more with less and I believe our Sun Shower™ waterproof rain jacket does exactly that. By removing the hood that was part of the previous version, and creating an oversized storm collar that can be folded up for additional weather protection, we have minimized bulk and created a better-functioning product that is easy to fit, wear and use. Our waterproof, PVC-free coated fabric keeps dogs dry and keeps the design team here at Ruffwear warm and fuzzy knowing that we are applying environmentally friendly approaches with every step we take. With too many features to list individually here I invite you to explore more clicking HERE to see all that we’ve built into the Sun Shower.

2070_KibbleKaddie_ForestGreen_PourSpoutOpen_ZoomBecause we are all Dogs On the Go, we’re bringing back our Kibble Kaddie™ portable dog food carrier. Many of us here at Ruffwear have one of these from 7+ years ago to help us transport our dogs’ food when we head out, so we figured this was a perfect opportunity to take another swing and update the Kibble Kaddie with the latest, greatest fabric and hardware. One of the coolest features about our new Kibble Kaddie is the magnet that makes dispensing kibble from the food chute a lot of fun. If you have ever been intrigued with magnets, and who hasn’t, you will want to check out the Kibble Kaddie.

The connection to our dogs is often a physical one, so we strive to make those connections enjoyable for both the two-legged and four-legged, and that’s where Ruffwear’s collars and leashes come in. For this spring, we have refined our offering to create elegant design solutions that simply work, fit right for dogs and feel good in our hands. You may be familiar with the Talon Clip™ for the dog side of the leash and new this season, we are introducing our anodized aluminum Talon Hook™ for the human side of the leash. The Talon Hook provides a more secure connection and allows the leash to be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around a tree or post. The new Ruffwear-designed Talon Clip can be found on the redesigned versions of our Flat Out™ Leash, Slackline™ Leash and Roamer™ Leash. We’ve also incorporated the Talon Hook into our all-new Crag™ Collar, offering a fresh, unique approach in collar closures. The Crag Collar is strong, yet quick and easy to take on and off. In addition to our new metal hardware, you’ll find updated, outdoor-inspired Tubelok™ webbing patterns and colors on our Hoopie™ Collar and Flat Out Leash. And to top off the leash improvements, Ruffwear’s latest, greatest Roamer Leash is really a leap forward with our new Wavelength™ stretch webbing.



And finally for this season, Ruffwear’s Singletrak™ Pack has an updated look with revisions that allow this pack to be a sleeker, lower profile hydration pack in a fresh new color.  Featuring two on-board, collapsible water bottles, dogs stay hydrated for the long haul and the two external stash pockets will hold other adventure essentials like a bowl and treats.


We’ve had a lot of fun creating and updating this season’s offerings. We hope you have even more fun putting our products to task. As always, we enjoy hearing your tales from the trails so keep sending those pictures and trip reports our way.

Shop our whole new line of Spring/Summer 2014 products HERE.

Keep those dogs on the go!


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