One question that we get on a daily basis is, “what size does my dog need”? This is the same whether talking about dog coats, boots, collars, harnesses or life jackets. Here we simplify the “how to measure” for all of our sized products to make it easy for you to determine what is going to be the best fit for your canine sidekick. Having the proper fit will ensure the best performance from your Ruffwear gear.


Dog Coats

GirthImageAll Ruffwear coats, harnesses and life jackets are sized based on the dog’s girth measurement. The girth is the widest part around the rib cage.

To get this measurement, wrap a soft measuring tape (tailors tape) around the widest point of your dog’s rib-cage/chest area. Once you have that measurement, refer to the sizing chart for each product to determine the proper size needed.

In this video, Ruffwear Greg and Seppi demonstrate how to measure your dog’s girth. 

Dog Boots

PawWidthWe’ve all tried on shoes or boots that were either too big or too small. When trying on a pair of technical shoes like running, cycling or climbing shoes or hiking boots, if the fit is not right, the performance will be compromised. The same goes for your dog boots. Fit is crucial to performance and comfort.

All of Ruffwear’s boots are sized based on the width of the paw. One important thing to note, your dog’s front and rear paws may be different widths, so be sure to measure both the front and rear paws. If this is the case, you can order different sized boots for the front and rear paws by ordering single boots. See dog boots HERE.

In this video, our all-star cast of Ruffwear Greg and Seppi explain the simple steps to follow to take your dog’s paw width measurement.

Here’s a review of the steps to measuring your dog’s paw width.

1. Have your dog stand on a firm surface.

2. Place a piece of paper under the front paw you wish to measure.

3. Lift your dog’s opposite front paw so that weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured.

4. Mark both sides of the paw at its widest point on the sheet of paper.

5. Measure the distance and refer to the sizing chart for the boot you are interested in.

Dog Collars

NeckLast but not least, our highly functional and durable dog collars are sized to the dog’s neck – where the collar will rest comfortably.

Simply measure around your dog’s neck and refer to the sizing chart of the collar you want.

See a full line of collars HERE.

For more product tips, tricks and videos, visit our Youtube page at

10 thoughts

  1. How many hours per day can my Aussie wear his new Summit Trex boots? The pads of his feet have some abrasion from hiking. We bought the boots so that he would stop licking his paws and allow them to heal. Can he wear them all night?

    1. Hi Karen. He can wear them for extended periods of time. One thing we would recommend is to take them off from time to time to check his paws to make sure they are still comfortable as well as to let his paws breath for a bit. The Summit Trex boots use a waterproof upper that is not as breathable as the Grip Trex so if you plan on wearing them for hours, take them off occasionally to let his paws breath.

  2. My family and I are getting an 8week Jack Russell terrier. What size collar will he need at first. Do you have something that small? thanks for the answers….

  3. I would like to get some dog boots for our 13 week old Golden retriever puppy. Will her feet grow much more as she grows older? I want to ensure her good health but buying new boots every few months could get expensive. Thank you, Bill Wilson

    1. Hi Bill,

      At 13 weeks, there will probably be a bit more growth of her paws. They will probably be full grown between 13-16 months. We would suggest waiting until they are fully grown or buying one small pair with some room to grow in to, and then getting a new pair (if needed) when her feet are fully mature. Hope that helps!

    1. Hi Steve,

      We would really need to get the neck measurement to be able to be much help. As it is a lab, you could probably get the small Hoopie or Top Rope collar and if it is too big, they will grow into it.


  4. Any suggestions for a dog that’s in between sizes? My golden has a 32 inch girth, so he’s right on the Medium/Large border and I’m uncertain if it’s wiser to go up or down. I’d like to get him a Palisades pack but haven’t been sure which way to go. Thanks!

    1. Hi Marry. It does depend on the product and the shape of the dog, but for most, we recommend sizing down if you are right on the border. If your dog tends to fill out a lot during the winter, then we would say size up. But if not, go with the medium.

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