“Never lose the ability to sleep anywhere.” I remember a close friend and mountain guide say those words as we crawled into our sleeping bags under the stars on a clear frigid winter night. We were lying on the paved parking lot outside our car at the base of Seneca Rocks in West Virginia on a climbing trip. He was a few years younger than I, but for some reason, those words stuck with me as if they were from some wise old guru. By having our sleeping pads and bags, it didn’t matter if we were on pavement or on pine needles; the familiar sleeping arrangement allowed us to get comfortable. For dogs, when taken to a new place, they tend be more on guard, alert to their surroundings until they feel a sense of familiarity and then they can relax. One of the easiest ways to provide this sense of familiarity and comfort is by taking along a trusty portable dog bed – a bed that they know as their “place”. The Mt. Bachelor Pad™ has been that “place” for many dogs on countless adventures, road trips, and outings.

Portable Dog bed - The Mt Bachelor Pad by Ruffwear

Redesigned for Fall 2013, the Mt. Bachelor Pad is the perfect do-it-all bed that can be used at home, in the back of the car, next to your desk at the office and outside at your campsite. The new design retains all of the key features that dogs and people have grown to love over the years while updating fabrics and making slight design alterations to increase functionality.

Here are some of the key features that make the Mt. Bachelor pad versatile and functional:


  • New micro-suede upper material is soft, easy to clean and does not collect leaves, sticks or hair.
  • The waterproof recycled polyester base prevents moisture from the ground from seeping through the bed and to your dog while also preventing moisture from the dog from seeping through the bed and onto your floor or car upholstery.
  • We’ve altered the location of the seam where the micro-suede upper and the polyester base join to aid in draining when washing or caught in a rain storm – allowing for faster dry time.
  • 10201_MtBachelorPad_GraniteGray_Medium_Rolled_ZoomRolls into a compact bedroll with a Velcro closure and integrated handle.
  • Filled with an insulating, comfortable recycled polyfill.
  • Easy to wash – machine-wash or hose off and hang to dry.


Available in two sizes, the Mt. Bachelor Pad is great for dogs of almost any size.


The next time you are away from home, watch your dog closely as you unroll and place the Mt. Bachelor Pad down. You’ll be amazed as you see their comfort level increase almost instantly. 


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  1. Hi, I have your Approach pack in S. My dog loves it. Would the bed possibly fit in there? We currently have a fleece blanket in a compression sack we put in it. But if your bed fits we might upgrade:-) Thank you! Solange

      1. Great! It only comes in Medium? That would fit in the Small pack? My dog is a 42 pound Pointer-mix.

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