As hunting season approaches (or has already opened in some cases) we wanted to remind you to take the extra precautions necessary to ensure that you and your dog are always visible. Whether you hunt with your dog by your side or your enjoy fall hikes and mountain bike rides, we share our beloved spaces with multiple recreational enthusiasts. Wearing hi-visibility gear helps us communicate to one another, making our presence known and allows for better experiences for all.

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We redesigned our hi-vis Track Jacket™ just in time for the fall season. This updated jacket is lighter, brighter and more functional than ever. The new fabric and reflective trim are hard to miss in all light conditions. By adding two extra light loops you can now attach up to three Beacon™ safety lights for added visibility in darker conditions.

Stay safe and stay seen this fall with the Track Jacket.

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  1. Love your Blog. I actually just shared with all my friends on FB who are avid animal lovers. Thank you for your time!

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