Labor Day. A holiday first established in 1882 to celebrate the achievements of the American workforce – a labor force dedicated to driving progression for the well-being of the entire nation. For most of us, Labor Day holds a unique meaning. For some, it brings back memories of the last family camping trip of the summer and for others it evokes thoughts of the closing of one season and the opening of another chapter in life.

We decided to take a poll here at the Ruffwear office to see what Labor Day means to our pack. Here are a few sentiments from the pack on what Labor Day means to them.


PatrickLabor Day for me marks the progression of the seasons as well as an opportunity to pause and reflect on the fruits of my labor and what better way to reflect than to get out there and make the most of it.

WillChasing adrenaline pumping Steelhead on the Lower D.

MoiraTo me, Labor Day signifies the ending summer, the shorter and cooler days ahead and the urgency to take advantage of the evenings of sunlight left with by loyal companion, a red dog named Jada.

DebbieBe Active, Run, Kayak, Cycle.   Barbecue with friends and family!   Dogs included in all adventures!

KyleLabor Day to me means the start of Fall. I can drink Cider and anticipate the leaves changing colors.

DanaLabor Day means the last hooray of summer!

VictorTo do as little labor as possible and jump in a lake with the family before it starts getting cold again.

SusanLabor Day means it’s time to take our favorite hike up past Broken Top where Artie likes to swim in the glacial lake at the top!

Now it’s your turn. We’d love to hear your thoughts. What does Labor Day mean to you?

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