Dog Fetch Toy - The Huckamam by Ruffwear

The first question we get when talking with people about our dog toys is, “how durable is it?” The next comment is usually, “my dog tears through most toys in 30 seconds.” With our new Huckama™ interactive toy, our response is simply “give it a shot.”

At first glance, the Huckama is a colorful, uniquely shaped rubber ball with holes in it. What you don’t see are the design decisions behind this toy that make this four-sided all-natural rubber ball durable and fun. We put as much thought and intention into our toy line as we do our harnesses, boots and life jackets. The Huckama is no exception and here are just a few reasons this toy provides non-stop entertainment.

huckama_StudioLet’s start with the shape, which provides the main story behind both the indestructible and irresistible nature of this toy. The shape is the one area that our product design team cuts corners, literally. Most toys that get chewed up and torn apart have some sort of weakness or oblique edges for a dog to latch on to and work at.  The Huckama was designed with no edges or protrusions for the dog to focus on. Its smooth shape with very minute contours provides enough grip for a dog to play with but not enough to sink teeth into. The slightly irregular round shape, accomplished by creating a 4-sided semi-round object, is designed to bounce erratically when thrown, tugging at the dogs chase and prey drive – that’s the irresistible part. Strategically placed holes not only allow you to place kibble treats inside for an interactive game, they also make the Huckama whistle when thrown through the air, also increasing it’s irresistible allure.

For materials, the Huckama is made from an all-natural latex rubber that is derived from rubber trees locally grown in the regions near the factories where the toys are hand produced.  The rubber trees provide a natural, sustainable and renewable material that is extremely durable, perfect for dogs that are tough on their toys. For both the Huckama and the TurnUp™, we use a high-density rubber that provides for the most durable rubber toys on the market.

If your dogs like to play fetch or other interactive games, or if they tend to tear apart other toys, we recommend giving the Huckama a shot.


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  1. Howdy, Conservation Canine Trainer Heath Smith here. We’ve been testing the Huckama for months now and I have to say I am extremely impressed. We have 16 ball obsessed dogs in our program. These guys love to do nothing more than destroy toys. We’ve tried all sorts of brands, most of which claim to be indestructible. Without fail they all have failed and not only that they failed in a matter of minutes. RuffWear first asked us to give the TurnUp a shot. When I saw it I didn’t think it would last 30 seconds. It not only lasted 30 seconds but months and is now our main choice of toy for rewards in the field now. When they sent us the Huckama I was eager to see how well it lasted. It’s been over a year now since we received the first prototype and it’s still a much believed toy at our facility. While the TurnUp is our reward of choice, the Huckama has become the “pacifier” of choice. See if our dogs don’t have something to keep them busy they end up turning on what ever is available; beds, blankets, dog houses, the building, their feet, etc. Up until now we couldn’t find a toy we felt was safe to leave in their kennel without them potentially chewing it up and swallowing it. We’re still extra cautious about leaving are dogs unattended with toys but the Huckama has given us and are dogs a fair piece of mind. Give it shot, I bet you’ll be surprised.

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