In preparation for this season’s Fall/Winter 2013 product release, we set out with photographer Ben Moon and company last February for a photo shoot to highlight these products in action.

We thought it would be fun to share a little “behind the scenes” perspective of a Ruffwear photo shoot – where the stars are paid generously with many cookies and treats! We’ve selected a few of our favorite images captured during the shoot and have paired them with what the larger scene looked like.

For our first shot, we caught up with some local cross country skiers and their dog Nellie on the trails. The weather was snowy and windy – perfect for showcasing the Cloud Chaser’s™ waterproof, windproof upper and highly breathable four-way stretch bottom layer with full belly coverage. Ben threw on his hard-shell pants and coat, laid down in the snow and went to work, capturing the magic of snow-play with Nellie!Nellie

Next we met up with Wendy and her Australian Shepherd, Maddie while they were trail running. The temps were in the 30s and the trails were pretty wet. Again, another great scenario for the Cloud Chaser jacket to shine. A few lens changes, and Ben was back to shooting these two.


To show off the high-visibility Track Jacket™, Ben positioned himself across a canyon from Greg and Gus as they hiked through the brush (circled on left image). It’s pretty incredible that a lens can focus on the small dots in the distance.


Have you seen the new collapsible Bivy Bowls™? Nike showed us that she approved of the Bivy Cinch™ bowl, stopping to eat some kibble for this great shot.


The next two shots were aimed at showing the capabilities of the new Summit Trex™ boot. These boots easily transition from man-made surfaces to the trails and back. Bill and Echo met us at the Deschutes River trail to grab this first shot.


Lastly we caught up with Seppi and Vince who were walking through town.


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  1. When I first saw your website I was absolutely amazed at the wonderful product photography shots. As a consumer and a photographer it is really nice to be able to actually see the products in use and from multiple angles. Keep up the wonderful work!

    1. Thanks Kristen! We try to capture images of the products as they were intended to be used – and inspire outdoor adventures with dogs. The best part about that is that we get to go play outside for our photo shoots!

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