As the first installment of our “New Products Explored” series for our Fall/Winter 2013 product launch, we are here to share with you the all-new Bivy Series of collapsible dog bowls. With three unique bowls built off the same platform, you are sure to find one that works best for you, or combine two bowls in the series to make the perfect hydration and nutrition system for your dog.

Collapsible Dog Bowl - Bivy Bowl By Ruffwear

Starting with the Bivy Bowl™, this bowl is a classic do-it-all bowl that is ultra-light, collapsible and waterproof – great for both water and food. The Bivy Bowl serves as the design platform for all three bowls in the series. All of the features of the Bivy Bowl are shared across the other bowls in the Bivy Series. By using a single-wall, welded fabric construction, we are able to offer a light-weight bowl that is still watertight. Another shared feature is the engineered collapsibility, leading to better portability. This feature also allows you to partially collapse the bowl for dogs who do not like, or have difficulties eating out of, tall, deep bowls. The stable shape of the Bivy Bowl allows for easy access, while the non-slip bottom material keeps the bowl in place while your pup is searching for those last few bites of kibble. Weighing only 2.96 oz, there is no reason not to have a bowl on hand at all times. Lastly, this bowl comes equipped with an attachment point to clip to the outside of your pack to air dry as well as reflective trip for visibility in low-light conditions. The last thing you want to leave behind when packing up camp in the dark is your best friend’s bowl. They just might not forgive you.Collapsible Dog Bowl for food - Ruffwear Bivy Cinch

Next up is the Bivy Cinch. The Cinch works well for water but is primarily designed as a food bowl. By adding a cinch-top closure to the Bivy Bowl, we created an ultra-light bowl that allows you to store kibble in the bowl and then simply open the cinch top when it is time to eat.

Best Dog Hydration System - Ruffwear Bivy Bota BowlSaving the best for last, the Bivy Bota™ is the most innovative bowl in the line-up. The Bivy Bota acts as a reservoir and water bowl in one, allowing you or your dog to carry and dispense water in one compact system. To accomplish this, our product design team welded a watertight closure equipped with a one-way, screw top valve that, when closed is watertight and when released allows clean water to flow out into the bowl while keeping contaminated water out. Simply turn the screw top a quarter turn counter-clockwise, push down on the middle of the bowl and allow water to fill the bowl. This system allows you to only dispense what you need and minimizes precious wasted water on the trail.

For more info and to see the Bivy Bota in action, watch this video:

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  1. I was wishing I had something like the Bivy Bota on our last camp trip! RuffWear always seems to have EXACTLY what I want!

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