As a kid I remember being read to from books by Dr. Seuss and H.A. Rey. Many of us in the western hemisphere have grown up on these books with titles like Red Fish, Blue Fish, One Fish, Two Fish or Hop on Pop. But the memorable stories for me had titles like Oh The Places You’ll go or simply Curious George. The guy in the big yellow hat was always inviting George’s curiosity and had the patience to nurture it. Dr. Seuss let us know that green eggs and ham are good, if we only try, in a boat, on a tree…. Both of these authors had a knack for inciting that sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure that seems to come naturally to kids and dogs.  As adults we often need to be reminded and give ourselves permission to stay hungry and stay foolish.

I believe that it is this sense of adventure, curiosity and wonder that helps to define many of us here at Ruffwear. Our dogs provide that permission and remind us to wander. The stories that we share from our daily outings as well as extended travels, always seem to include that Curious George-like experience, we set off on our adventures with a half-baked plan inviting new experiences as we go. The stories that the pack here at Ruffwear bring in after a weekend often take a good portion of the morning to share, laugh about, learn from and then lean on as we set off on the next round of prototypes. The trip reports and stories that we receive from our extended Ruffwear pack, those of you who write in and share, are inspiring. Inviting us to stretch our legs and expand our thinking as we explore new approaches with our four-legged friends in our shared adventures. Thanks to all of you for inspiring Ruffwear’s product design.

This season we have come up with some curious ways to hydrate and feed our dogs as we set off for points unknown.

We have taken that original Ruffwear collapsible bowl concept to new heights, with welded construction and upped the ante with three innovative configurations, water bowl, a cinch top food bowl, and the Bivy Bota™ all-in-one water bladder and bowl. Check out our totally redesigned Bivy Bowl series, we are excited to share these.


We have taken years of experience building dog boots and completely rethought our boot cobbling to create the Summit Trex™ boots, these boots protect dogs’ paws from extreme temps, abrasive surfaces, and snowmelt chemicals, all while providing flexible traction while an integrated stretch gaiter protects legs and locks out dirt and debris.


Our new Track Jacket™ design takes high-vis to an all-new level. Emblazoned with a reflective print for low-light conditions, the jacket features three separate light loops and a totally revised fastening system. These improvements make our new Track Jacket easy to see and easier to use. Additionally, we have changed up the colors and improved the cut of our Cloud Chaser™, allowing for more mobility in the chest and front legs. Our Mt. Bachelor Pad™ portable bed roll has more loft from a recycled poly-fill, has an easier to clean micro-suede sleeping surface, and offers a comfortable place for dogs to rest everywhere your adventures take you. collageA

And just to keep things curious, our new Huckama™ natural rubber dog toy keeps dogs engaged with its erratic bounce. You can stuff the hollow interior of the Huckama with dog kibble and treats for rewarding play and this thing really whistles when hucked. Dogs dig the Huckama, you will too.


Well that’s about it, another season of fun and games all nicely wrapped up and ready for prime-time. Thanks to all of you who continue to drive Ruffwear to buck the system, question the status quo, remain curious and every now and again, sample some green eggs and ham.

Go Big,


Patrick Kruse

Leader of the Pack

For more info on these new products click HERE.

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