We are gearing up to launch our new Fall/Winter 2013 line of products, and thought we’d make a little game of it.

Our Fall/Winter line will be available at your local Ruffwear dealer or at www.ruffwear.com starting August 1st. This season, we have gone back to the drawing board to create innovative, all-new products. We have also redesigned a few fan favorites, continuously improving our offering for your dogs to enjoy.

‘Do more with less’ is a theme you will see apparent in a number of our new products. Sometimes simplicity in design can tackle the most complex challenges provided by real world application. Our product testers have used and abused each of these products and provided feedback that allowed our product team to tinker and tweak their designs to provide the best performing products available.

With all of that said, let’s get to the fun. Below is a sneak peek at some of our new products. Let us know what you think they are by leaving a comment below.


Take your best shot at guessing our new Fall/Winter offering!

17 thoughts

  1. top left: new shoe?
    top middle: new cloud chaser?
    top right: new waterbowl?

    bottom left: new trackjacket (safety)?
    bottom middle left: new (bachelor) pad ?
    bottom midle right: New throw-toy? (like turnup)
    bottom right: new shoe?

  2. #1 seems to be the top of a boot, perhaps a redesigned sky liner Or PolarTrex

    #2 New Jacket
    #3 Cinch Top Bowl
    #4 Redesigned Track Jacket?
    #5? ? seems to be rubber. waterproof… something
    #6 looks similar to the rubber square toy you guys use to carry
    #7 boot Tread, corresponding to number one

  3. 1 and 7 are new polar trexx or new snow boots, 2. new overcoat or cloudchaser, 3. new quencher, 4. updated track jacket, 6. is a new cube toy, 5 has me stumped, it is something to waterproof a pack or jacket I guess.

  4. 1 and 7 are the same, new canine shoes.
    2 is cool down jacket for summer
    3 new portable food/water dish
    4 reflector jacket
    5 ??? (this is really throwing me.)
    6 durable doughnut frisbee

    Just guesses… how’d i do?

  5. New doggy boots, new chew toy, new collapsible dog bowl, new tread on the doggy boots, new coat, but I’m stuck on number 5 and number 2….

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