1. Bathroom Breaks – with a dog, you get to take those breaks that you wanted to take but were too ashamed to.
  2. They never say no to a run – your friends may back out because it is “too cold” or they are “too tired” but your dog is always up for adventure.
  3. They don’t care about your PR, and remind you that most of the time, you shouldn’t either. That being said, they’ll beat your PR any day, so if you need a partner who will keep up, look no further than right by your side.
  4. Many organized runs and races now allow dogs!
  5. A tired dog is a good dog. You are going to run anyway right? Might as well share the fun with your dog and also benefit from a healthy, better-behaved four-legged roomie.
  6. Do your other running partners get as excited to go for a run as your dog does when they see your running shoes come out? Nope.
  7. Do YOU get as excited to go for a run as your dog does when you see your running shoes? We’re guessing not, but you can feed off your dogs excitement and wagging tail.
  8. Dogs don’t care if their collar doesn’t match their leash or that your socks don’t match your headband and tube socks.
  9. Waist-worn leashes provide a little extra pull when needed.
  10. Dogs will never turn you down when you want to run that extra mile.

For information on how to get your dog into shape for running or other adventures, click here:

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  1. Safety – I feel safer running alone with my dog. Her senses are much stronger than mine.
    Adventure – I’ve tried new and different trails with my dog because I know I am not alone and I know she loves to explore.
    1 reason – Companionship!

  2. Totally agree, especially with #5! I have a company in San Diego that specializes in dog running, and our clients give us consistent feedback that their dogs are better behaved since switching over from their dog walker. Awesome post.

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