Do you know of a great dog-friendly camping spot, hiking trail or river run? Through Zeemaps, we have created an interactive map that allows you to share your favorite spots with the rest of the Ruffwear Pack and learn from others where they like to recreate.

Click on this map to check out hiking, camping, paddling and backpacking spots in your area, or add your own favorite spots for others to learn about!


To add a point to the map:

1. Select “Add” button (top, right-hand corner)

2. Fill out the blank fields (including all four tabs!). Don’t forget to add a picture from your adventure there or of your dog  in this spot under the “media” tab if you have one.

3. Click “Submit”.

4. You will be provided with a URL to use for edits.  Copy and save this unique URL in case you want to make changes after viewing it.  Once you have submitted your marker, you may have to refresh your screen to view it.

7 thoughts

  1. What a wonderful idea. We often go backpacking with dog and are always looking for dog friendly trails and camps. If we come across any I will make sure I add them.

  2. Hey Ruffwear! Love this map! Super helpful for a move. That said, we are moving from CT to CO next week and we love doing everything ourdoors with our German Shorthaired Pointer. What gear is essential in the Rockies that we might not already use in the Northeast? Any must have recommendations?

    1. Hi RunningwithSam. Exciting move! Where are you moving to in CO? We might be able to provide a little better direction if we understand what part of the state you are going to.

      1. We are moving just outside of Boulder. Sam already has the Palisades Pack (which we absolutely LOVE!) and the Roamer leash. Any gear and must hike locations suggestions would be fantastic!

        1. The summer can get pretty dry and hot. If you plan on doing hikes in the summer, one good piece of gear is our Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest. We were just up in Vail a couple of weeks ago at teh Mountain Games and were letting people demo these and they all loved them. As far as where to hike, we don’t know the area well enough (since we are in Oregon) to know the local dog-friendly trails. We do know that there are a lot of happy dogs on the front range!!

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