This just in from Dave and Rufus! We love hearing tales of adventure from our customers. Here is one from the Trinity Alps in Northern California.

Last weekend I grabbed two nights and days of full adventure hiking in the Trinity Alps.  Our destination was Canyon Creek Lakes with a day hike to El Lake. This hike is probably one of the greatest hikes in Northern California. The trail head is 20 miles north of Junction City off Highway 299.  

Rufus Backpacking in the Trinity AlpsRufus the Border Collie and I were at the trail head at 7:30pm and by a little after 9pm we were deep into the Trinity Alps.  We camped above Canyon Creek near a raging waterfall. 

The next morning we were off pretty early as Rufus was raring to go.  We made great time but still took plenty of pictures along the way. Like I said this is one of the best hikes in Northern California.  (psssst… don’t tell anyone).  The rest of the hike was along Canyon Creek. There are many really nice camping spots along the way and some pretty fantastic waterfalls too. At one point there is a stream crossing on a big downed log. No problem for either of us but two years ago we were hip deep at that crossing with Rufus swimming downstream to the other side.

Finally, we hit the last scramble up the granite and following the easy to locate cairns we topped out at the lower lake. To our amazement the best spot on the lake was open and we grabbed it. With no hesitation, Rufus just had to go swimming. After his beaver imitation we had a quick snack and were off to El Lake.  

Rufus Swimming in Canyon Creek LakeThere is not a set trail to the lake but the cairns are easy enough to follow. The trail really gets going after Upper Canyon Creek Lake but in no time, you are awarded with killer views. Some light class II scrambling skills are needed. Rufus was always way head and followed the cairns perfectly. We got to El Lake and after a couple stick tosses in the lake for Rufus we were chased out by an incredible mosquito hatch. Back down we went.

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out reading and fishing. After discovering a torn front pad on Rufus, on went the Ruffwear booties. What great invention! 

Rufus barely made it down the next day. Poor guy he was really hobbling before I put the booties on him. Thank goodness we had the booties for just this type of emergency.  It took awhile for him to get used to them but once he did we moved right along. By noon we were in Weaverville, CA at Millers drive-in powering down a bacon cheeseburger and fries.


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  1. My husband and I enjoyed the chance to meet with Rufus and his family at Doe Lake in the Trinity Alps. Loved his energy and watching him splash about in the water chasing sticks.

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