The month of May has had its share of inspiring moments in history.

Hillary Sixty years ago today, Sir Edmund Hillary, along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, stood atop the summit of Mount Everest.  They were the first confirmed to have stood on the summit of the world’s tallest peak – an elevation of 29,029 ft (8,848 m). After spending nearly two months on the mountain, the duo got their shot at the summit and once they overcame the infamous “Hillary Step” rock band, they took the final steps and spent fifteen minutes on the highest point on the globe.

Amelia EarhartIn May of 1932, Amelia Earhart became the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Setting off from Grace Harbor, Newfoundland, Amelia flew her Lockheed Vega 5B for 14 hours and 56 minutes through strong northerly winds, icy conditions and some mechanical difficulties, eventually landing in a pasture in Culmore, Ireland.

History is rich with stories of humans challenging themselves and pushing technology to achieve monumental accomplishments. These are just two examples of the many inspirational stories we hear every day and examples that had us asking the question to ourselves – Who Inspires Us?

We thought we would share a few responses from within the Ruffwear pack.

Debbie (product development) :

This is a super easy one.   There are two people that I am very inspired by:

Lew HollanderLew Hollander 83 year old Triathlete.  In fact he is the oldest triathlete to compete in the Kona Ironman Championship.

Russ Manies…my husband!   55 year old triathlete.   He amazes me with his attitude, strength and endurance.

Both these individuals have the same stressors we all do in life but they are very committed to staying healthy and pushing their bodies to unbelievable limits.

I am not a triathlete but a long distance runner and am always looking for ways to be stronger and fitter.   These two individuals practice what they preach.   My husband not only inspires me but motivates me daily to open mind and believe that I can take my fitness to higher levels.

On other note, I was very inspired by the people we saw that stepped in and helped at the Boston Marathon once the bombs went off.  They were not medical staff but did whatever was needed to help people that day.  It brings tears to my eyes and I wonder what I would have done.   It showed me that there are truly kind and compassionate people in this world.

Arlene BlumLindsey (product development):

Arlene Blum is a huge inspiration!

Arlene was an early female pioneer in the male-dominated mountaineering world, organizing the first all-female team to ascend Alaska’s Denali when she was refused by all existing commercial climbing companies based on her gender. She went on to have many other important successes in the mountaineering world, including leading the first all-female (and first American) ascent of Annapurna I.

As a scientist, she has also climbed figurative mountains in her quest to stop the widespread use of toxic flame retardants in consumer products, including Tris.

Arlene is amazing and I would recommend her book, Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life to everyone!

Mo's Inspiration - JadaMoira (customer service): 

There is no bigger motivating force in my life to get out and exercise then my dog, Jada. Her breed is so high energy and her passion for off leash running is essential to her satisfaction and my sanity. The reason I got a Vizsla was to have a mountain biking companion whose breed has incredible endurance to last for long bike rides. At two years old she is able to go almost 20 miles with me! I have found that beyond the mountain bike rides she has motivated me to get out and exercise with her everyday whether it be running, hiking, or going to the river for a swim. I don’t have an excuse to sit around and be lazy, for she is my constant reminder that I could always be outside with her, playing and running. It keeps me healthy and fit but above all….sane! Seriously, you do not want to be around this dog without exercise! It’s like working in a nut house, trying to herd cats.

Backcountry With Doug RobinsonVince (marketing):

One person that comes to mind is Doug Robinson. Doug is a climber, author and general mountain admirer. He was a key member of the golden era of Yosemite climbers. A group who pushed the unknown and crafted new techniques to protect the natural state of the rocks they were attempting to scale.

I had the privilege of spending two nights in the Tuolumne backcountry with Doug listening to his stories and then climbing the ever classic Matthes Crest traverse with him and close friends. His love for the natural world – especially the mountains and granite faces of the Eastern Sierras – and his absolute humble and compassionate demeanor are just as inspiring as his physical lifetime feats. Now in his sixties and still climbing regularly and pushing his limits, we asked him how he continues to push himself. His response was simple, “never stop moving”. I hope to never stop moving.  

Now we want to know… Who Inspires You?

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  1. On a trip home to Niagara Falls, New York a few years ago I visited a restaurant that my family used to frequent while growing up. The hostess that seated us was a little old lady, the same little old lady that seated us nearly 20 years ago! She looked like she hadn’t aged a bit. I asked her how old she was, “90” she said proudly! Then I asked her what her secret was. She told me, “You just gotta keep moving, because it’s harder to hit a moving target.” I found this very inspiring; I try to remember it when I need a little extra energy on those long days

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