This Memorial Day, we would like to take a moment to call attention to some unsung heroes serving in the military. These heroes in uniform happen to be the four-legged type. Rarely mentioned in the media, Military Working Dogs (MWD’s) are providing key support in military activities domestically and abroad. We have had the privilege of working with groups that support MWD’s who are deployed and in need of supplies. From boots to harnesses and coats, we have been happy to provide what we can to ensure the safety and comfort of these K-9 heroes.

“There is courage and loyalty at both ends of the leash,” says JT Gabriel of K-9 Soldiers Inc – a non-profit dedicated to the human-canine bond with focus on the warrior/veteran/canine aspect. “The military working dog (MWD) has served as an unsung hero in every war/conflict where the MWD has been deployed.  MWDs are either male or female canines and trained to serve as dual certified canines in explosive/patrol or narcotic/patrol or may be specialized search dogs. Over the years they have been employed as sentry dogs, point dogs, guard dogs and tracking dogs. Many K9 handlers know that the four-legged warrior they serve with makes the difference between personal survival as well as the survival of their brothers and sisters in arms.”

Toby and Thomas - MWDOne story in particular that stood out to us was that of Army Specialist Thomas J. Jackson and MWD Toby. Toby is a “shiny, sleek black Labrador Retriever with a silly grin and slightly graying muzzle” who is trained to search areas for explosives – keeping him and his patrol team safe.

We encourage you to read more about Toby by clicking here:

Toby is just one of hundreds of MWD’s supporting our troops. We’d like to extend our warmest gratitude to these four-legged soldiers and their handlers.

Stay safe.


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