Ruffwear teamed up with Meghan and Pretzel for their Sylvan Sport Go With Me tour. 5 weeks into their trip, Meghan sent us a note to update us on how life on the road has been with Pretzel. Here’s what she had to say!

Sylvan Trailer

Pretzel and I are now 5 weeks into the Swift Paws – GO With Me Tour. The two of us are camping our way up the east coast (even into Canada!) and hosting charity-benefiting dog lure chasing events in 10 destination cities along the way.

The adventure thus far has been a whirlwind of great events, lots of new friends, and of course, a whole bunch of camping, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and general adventuring with my pup.

Muddy Pretzel

We started the tour down in FL but quickly found some chilly weather at our event in Sylvester, GA. That didn’t stop Pretzel from thoroughly enjoying the mud though! I love to layer his Ruffwear Climate Changer and K9 Overcoat when the weather suddenly turns cold. He doesn’t have much to keep himself warm and this combo keeps the shivers away.

Camping in the Sylvan Sport GO has been incredible. It acts as a base camp for us, carrying the bike and kayak, and keeping us dry and comfy at night. We’ve been camping in state parks for the most part and exploring their extensive networks of trails either by hiking or biking.  Whenever we hit the trails, I like to fill Pretzel’s Approach Pack with some water, treats, and other essentials. He may be a “small” dog, but he can go all day and he’s quite comfortable carrying his 1-2 lbs of supplies.

We recently hiked “Turkey Path” at the (Pennsylvania) Grand Canyon. We stumbled upon thispretzel park out of need to find a place to camp for the night. Little did we know we had found one of the more sought-out scenic parks and trails in PA! The path is a 3-mile round trip trail with 1000’ in elevation gain. The night before had dipped to around 26˚ so the sunny 42˚ morning hike was pleasant indeed! We wound our way down and came upon the waterfall that marks the end of the trail. After snapping a quick pic we headed back up to the top to pack up camp and make our way north into NY on our way to Toronto.

With 4 adventure events left to go and just about halfway to our 2 big charity goals Pretzel and I are excited to see where the rest of this adventure takes us!

Happy trails,

Meghan and Pretzel

Visit to learn more about the tour and see where you can catch up with Meghan and Pretzel at one of their events!

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