What does daylight saving time mean to you?

We like to think that daylight savings is a time to celebrate the season to come…a season with longer days that allow for more time to spend outdoors doing the activities we love. An extra hour of daylight means more opportunities to take our dogs out after work and sneak in a mountain bike ride, trail run, paddle or hike. That extra hour of daylight during the weekend means longer days in the mountains leading to more ambitious missions to remote wilderness settings.

Daylight Savings Means More of This

What will you do with your extra hour of daylight? We’ve asked this question to a few members of our pack in the office and here are some of the responses.

Lauren: “A longer walk, including more friends to play with along the way. More time for treats!”

Echo in a Singletrack Dog Pack by RuffwearBill: “We love the extra daylight! Echo and I plan on taking advantage of the extra daylight by:

  • Riding the Lower Loop of the Petersen Ridge Trail in Sisters
  • Night skiing at Hoodoo from 4:00pm to 9:00pm, Echo always goes!
  • Cross Country Skiing at Three Creeks Snow Park to watch the sun go down over the Tam MacArthur Rim on Broken Top. Echo’s favorite!
  • Fly Fishing on the Metolius River and Fall River until sun goes down – best time to fish. Echo agrees!
  • Mountain bike with Echo around Suttle Lake outside of Sisters – takes about an hour!
  • Snowmobile up old HWY 242 towards North Sister for some backcountry sunset watching”

Susan: “I will start running after work with Artie now that I have extra daylight at the end of the day!”

Mo xc skiing with Jada Moira” “I love Daylight Saving time. Having the sun up for an extra hour in the afternoon opens up so many more possibilities for after work adventures! My extra hour will open up time for riding my bike after work with Jada. During the winter we run for an hour after work with a headlamp (for me) and Beacon (for Jada) but now we will have enough time to change into our riding gear (helmet, bike shoes and shorts for me, Singletrak Pack for Jada!) and hit the local trails until the sun goes down. I am so excited to give my crazy Vizsla more time to run run run run run!!!! I guess it’s good for me to get more exercise too…”

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  1. It’s a great irony that an hour of sleep has been taken from us, and we feel like we’ve gained something. That said, the sun is setting at 7 pm now instead of the dismal 6 pm.

    I live in what might be the most beautiful state in the country, but our beauty isn’t all concentrated in one place, surrounded by desolation. I ride a road bike, and getting to the most scenic roads can take some time, riding them of course takes more. It’s starting to be feasible to do rides like the Leavenworth Loop, or Mounts Baker and Rainier, thanks to the longer days and the shift toward evening light. I’m very happy for the change.

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