Occasionally your dog stumbles on a toy that is clearly their favorite. A toy they seem to always have hanging out of their mouth, sitting by their side or guarded safely under a paw while sleeping! The Lunker™ has been that favorite toy for many dogs since its first release in 2008. Soft, durable and buoyant, this retrieving toy is ideal for tug and fetch-related games around water or on dry land.

The Lunker Dog Toy by Ruffwear

Revised for 2013, the new Lunker has been re-envisioned from the core out. Ruffwear has partnered with PLUSfoam™ Compound Technologies to produce Lunkers with a center core made from recycled and recyclable foam. This partnership has allowed us to offer a product that can be returned at the end of its life to be recycled to create new toys.

Here’s how PLUSfoam™ works:

  • The process starts by collecting post-manufactured scraps – often times this is the foam scrap left over from manufacturing footwear insoles.
  • The scrap is then ground up and turned into sheets of recycled foam.
  • These sheets are rolled up to create the core of the Lunker. This core makes up the inner section of the toy to create the ideal weight for long distance throws, and most importantly. it floats!
  • Once your dog has thoroughly enjoyed the Lunker and the toy is ready to be retired, you can send it back to PLUSfoam™ to be recycled and turned into new toys.
  • As a thank you for recycling your Lunker, PLUSfoam™  will send you a coupon code good for 25% off one Ruffwear purchase at Ruffwear.com once your Lunker is received.

PLUSfoam Story Lifecycle of the Lunker Dog Toy by Ruffwear

Available in two sizes, the outer shell of the Lunker is constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant materials. We top it off with a rope handle that makes it easy to toss and play tug. As a bonus, the rope handle is easily replaceable with any standard rope, if needed.

Check out the Lunker and all of our other toys at: http://www.ruffwear.com/dog_toys

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  1. I was just over at 2 Brown Dogs and did a double take. This looks a lot like the bumpers they’re using for field training in the snow.

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