Slackline Dog Leash by Ruffwear

Some of our favorite days go something like this: trail run in the morning (with our canine friend, of course), lunch in town at one of our favorite dog-friendly bistros, head out for an evening hike to the best local sunset viewpoint, lastly, cap it off with some après story telling around the fire.  When your outdoor adventures change throughout the day, your products should be flexible enough to accommodate. Ruffwear is excited to introduce the new Slackline™ Leash – a fully-featured, length-adjustable leash. The Slackline Leash picks up the slack so you don’t have to! With this adjustable leash, you can easily make the leash longer or shorter, depending on your surroundings.

Hear what UDOT Avalanche Forecaster and Avalanche Dog handler Matt has to say about the new Slackline Leash.

Features Include:

Length Adjustable: The ergonomic metal slider allows for easy one-handed length adjustment on the go – from 3.5 ft to 6ft.

Talon Clip™: The Ruffwear-designed Talon Clip makes it easy to attach the leash to a collar or harness. This over-sized clip is glove- and mitt-friendly for cold weather excursions.

Adjustable Padded Handle: with side-release buckle, can be hand-held, waist-worn or secured around a tree or post.

Reflective Trim: for visibility in low light conditions.

Where will your day take you? With the Slackline Leash, there are no limits!

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  1. One idea for you, and happy to test it out, have two border collies 😉 a Double handle lead. So you have a traditional lead (1.5m i guess ), with a handle at the end, but also you integrate a handle into the lead down by clip. This means if you need to control your dog quickly, you can get right in close easily! send me a email if you want a drawing of an example. Matt.

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