This week’s gear highlight is the Polar Trex Boots. The Polar Trex are our fully featured winter dog boots designed specifically for cold weather adventures like skiing, snowshoeing and other winter activities. We worked directly with our sole manufacturing partner Vibram® to develop an ice-specific sole for superb winter traction. These boots rise higher on the dog’s leg to provide increased insulation, coverage for deep snow, and protection from sharp objects – especially ski edges.

In this video, Ruffwear Greg explains all of the features of our winter dog boots, including some fitting tips:

Here are a few more tips for the Polar Trex Boots that will ensure you can extend your winter adventures knowing that your four-legged companion is comfortable and protected:

  • Make sure you have the correct size for your dog’s paws.  Do the boots fit the paws snugly?  Is there excess loose fabric bunching?  If so, you may need to size down.
  • Ruffwear Polar Trex Dog Boot Middle StrapMake sure the middle-webbing strap is pulled tight, and the tail of the webbing is tucked back into the elastic keeper (important).  This will keep the tail from flopping around and possibly loosening the boot when the dog is on the go.

Polar Trex Dog Boot Cord

  • Secure the elastic cord at the top of the gaiter.  This should be snug, but doesn’t have to be super tight.  The elastic cord does not keep the boots on, the middle-webbing strap does. Tightening the cord does prevent snow from entering the boot.
  • Once the boots are on and secure, give the boots a tug at the end of the paws to see if you can pull them off easily.  If so, the middle straps may need to be tighter, or you need to size down.
  • Finally, after about 10 minutes of use, re-adjust the middle-strap.  You will find you can pull it tighter, and the boots will be snug for the remainder of your activity.

Have more questions? Contact Ruffwear Customer Service at or 888-783-3932 (M-F, 8:00am – 4:30pm Pacific Time). Get out there and enjoy winter!

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  1. Found these and though they would be perfect for my hairless mix until I realized he has to small paws, we live in the north of sweden with temperatures as low as -36 some winters, find lots of cute dogboots, but functional warm and waterproof boots seems to be made only for bigger dogs, some small “lapdogs” also like to be active and follow their family on trips in the snow!

    Now we use some cheap fleece”boots” but they don’t work that good when its wet or icy outside

  2. I purchased these boots for my 80 lb golden retriever and they will not stay on. No matter how much I adjust these boots they always fall off and I find it frustrating considering I paid $90 for them. They are a medium size so I know they are not too big. I ended up buying the short version. I have had better luck with them staying on. But the tall ruff wear boot was a huge disappointment!

    1. Hello Brandy. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear the Polor Trex boots are not working for your dog. Typically if they are coming off, this is a sizing issue. Since the Polor Trex are a roomier boot compared to the Grip Trex, sometimes sizing down a size in the Polor Trex works much better to fill up some of that extra volume.

      Are you having trouble with the boots coming off all 4 paws, or just the rear paws? The rear paws are typically smaller than the front paws, so we can facilitate an exchange for 2 singles if that is the case.

      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you. We would like help out in this situation as best we can. Please contact us at, or 541-388-1821.

      Thank you,
      Ruffwear Customer Service

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