Occasionally we get the question, “Why doesn’t Ruffwear make a sleeping bag for dogs?” It’s a great question! Our experience with dogs and their sleeping habits is that they’re often on the move. They tend to move around throughout the night, so a traditional zip-up sleeping bag, while warm, would impede on this ability to move around, let alone head outside for a midnight relief break.

Enter the Highlands Bed™ combined with the Quinzee™ Jacket.

Denali on Highlands Bed

At only 14 ounces, the Highlands Bed is ideal for multi-day backpacking trips.  The synthetic Thermore™ insulation keeps your dog warm and retains its insulating properties even when wet. For colder nights, just add the Quinzee Jacket – which wraps your dog in the same 50% recycled Thermore insulation retaining core body heat.

If the temperatures are cool but not quite freezing, you might consider using the Climate Changer™ Jacket as a great sleeping option. With a full-length side zipper, there are no buckles that may be uncomfortable to lay on.


What’s your dog’s cold-weather sleeping set up?

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  1. I picked up a kids sleeping bag at the Coleman Outlet…with it half-zipped, my 75 lb. lab mix loves it! It is soft, and if it gets colder, he’ll let me put the unzipped top half over him…..

  2. I do SAR, and I can’t pack that whole thing. The dog sleeps in the bivy sack with me. My bed roll is improvised from contractor trash bags and leaves, so is the dogs. The highlands bed is nice, but not practical for actual performance uses, its too heavy and bulky.

  3. We have the highlands bed and love it! Not only do we use it backpacking/camping, we also take it with us for all overnight trips (its home is in her backpack). For winter camping we normally bring a lightweight down blanket to cover her up with. She even loves using her highlands bed by the campfire…

  4. I have a half-length sleeping pad that I throw down next to mine (or my puffy jacket if I’m trying to save weight/space. (The Highlands bed would probably work better though, and double as a day-bed for her).

    Then I just open up the top bit of my sleeping bag a bit and throw it over her! My little 60lbs rottie makes an exceptional bag warmer! (Just make sure to wipe her down first.)

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