A Dogs LuggageWill you be hitting the road this holiday season? If so, you are in good company. According to AAA, Some 93.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home during the year-end holiday travel period (http://bit.ly/UE0NCk). That is almost a quarter of the US population.

If you are anything like us at Ruffwear, you don’t go anywhere without your four-legged companions. Some of our favorite holiday memories include stories of our dogs mistaking that lit up indoor tree for their favorite bathroom tree outside, unwrapping half of the presents under the tree in the middle of the night or perhaps even meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Here are a few things to consider taking along on your road trip:

  • Collapsible Travel Bowls – One for food and one for water. Staying hydrated while traveling is very important.
  • Extra Food – Make sure to bring enough to last a couple of days longer than your planned trip duration. You never know what the weather will do, or heck, you may just want to spend a couple more days with the in-laws!
  • Dog Bed – Your dog will take comfort in a familiar bed even when in unfamiliar settings.
  • Updated ID Tag – Make sure their tag has your cell phone on it. If you will not have a cell phone with you, have a tag made with a contact number of where you will be staying.
  • Updated Shot Records – This is especially important if traveling across borders.
  • Leash – Have one or two leashes handy for roadside pit stops.
  • Toys! – A short game of toss helps relieve boredom and is great exercise in between long driving legs.
  • Treats – What dog doesn’t like treats? Our friends at Cloud Star and The Honest Kitchen make some of our favorite!

Travel safely and comfortably this holiday season!

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  1. I always bring Hydrogen Peroxide – it is essential. Having it on our camping trips has saved my dogs life twice. Once he got into a costco sized bag of raisins (highly toxic to dogs) and ate them all. We were in the middle of the desert in southern Utah, the closest vet was half a day’s drive away. A bit of hydrogen peroxide down his throat and he threw them up instantly. My vet said he would have died from organ failure within 24 hours if I hadn’t known this trick. Always bring peroxide.

  2. My Abby Dog does not like her regular kibble when we travel, so I always make sure to prepare some special travel food for her. Cooked strips of chicken, sweet potatoes, cheese, etc. Eating simple foods keeps her tummy full and I don’t worry about her not eating.

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  4. A roll of vet-wrap and gauze pads (band-aid brand) for those unfortunate accidents (i.e. cut paw, laceration) can be a real lifesaver especially the vet-wrap.

  5. thank you for reminding us. i used to roam around with my beloved dog in our village every week end and thank you also for the information on what to do or what to bring during the road trip. God Bless ..

  6. What a good reminder! Thanks! We used to travel with our dogs every year. It’s only been the last couple of months that I’ve gotten collapsible bowls. They’re PAWSOME.

  7. And a happy Holiday to you guys too. Thanks we really enjoy reading the blog. We would love to read more about travel and place’s that like dog’s as much as I love taking my dog. i.e. Vacation destinations, dog friendly cities, parks, off leash parks.

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