Fall is in its prime. The air is crisp, the days are getting shorter and the pumpkins are piling up at the local market ready to become neighborhood jack-o-lanterns. To us, autumn is the ideal season to get out with our canine companions and enjoy the cooler temperatures, breathtaking views and incredible colors this season has to offer.

Speaking of jack-o-lanterns, did you know that the jack-o-lantern originated in Scotland and Ireland? They primarily used turnips and other gourds rather than pumpkins and named them after the strange phenomenon of flickering lights over the peat bogs at night. As immigrants migrated America, they began to use the more readily available and easier to carve pumpkin. How’s that for your random fall fun fact? (Jack-o’-lantern. In Wikipedia. Retrieved October 18, 2012, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack-o%27-lantern).Ruffwear K-9 Pumpkin Photo Contest

If you haven’t carved your pumpkins yet, be sure to check out the Ruffwear K-9 Pumpkin Photo Contest for inspiration HERE. Then make sure to submit your entry by midnight 10/31/12.

While on the subject of luminescence, let’s talk a bit about The Beacon™. Last week we shed some light on the features of our Track Jacket (see: Be Seen, Be Safe. High Visibility Track Jacket). To continue on the topic of high-visibility, The Beacon is the perfect complement to your Ruffwear gear. Here at Ruffwear we strive to make products that inspire you and your dog to play outside year round. As the days get shorter, your desire to get out for an after work run, hike or mountain bike ride still remains. That desire to get out and play is just as strong – if not stronger – in your canine companion!

The Beacon is the perfect piece of gear to keep your dog visible to you and others when visibility is low. It combines a high-intensity LED with an omni-directional, light dispersing lens. What does this mean and why would we do that? The key to keeping a dog visible is to design a light that creates a halo of red light around them. The onmi-directional lens does just that! By redirecting the high-intensity LED light into multiple directions, you can see the light even if it is mounted on the opposite side of the dog in relation to your location.

There are two attachment options built in to The Beacon. The first being a rear mounted clip that easily and securely attaches to Ruffwear collars, coats and harnesses (or other gear, either dog-worn or human-worn). The second option is a split ring attachment allowing you to attach the light to any ring on a collar, jacket or pack.

To pack even more features into this 21-gram powerhouse, The Beacon features 3 light modes (slow flash, fast flash and always on), is highly water resistant, and comes with replaceable batteries that last over 50 hours in any flash mode. Take The Beacon along on your next Fall outing and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll feel with a highly visible four-legged friend.

To learn more about the Beacon, click HERE.

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