Christy Caplan, and her three four-legged friends live in Portland, Oregon. Christy is an avid hiker, loves Mt. Hood, and thinks Ruffwear gear makes mountain adventures with the hounds a blast.

Local Bend, Oregon company, Ruffwear, launched their Fall and Winter products last month. I’ve been testing the new Knot-a-Collar™ and redesigned, matching Knot-a-Leash™ with Shermie for a few months and I wanted to provide some thoughts.

I’m always looking for a collar that the dogs can wear all the time that I don’t feel like I need to remove to *give them a break*. One that fits well and is truly comfortable is the ultimate goal, and I found both in Ruffwear’s new Knot-a-Collar. I like the Twilight Gray you’ll see on Shermie below, but the collar is also available in Purple Dusk, Red Rock, and Lichen Green. It costs $22.95.

A few features I really like:

* how the rope settles into the fur – it’s made with kernmantle rope

*easy adjustability –there are sliding fisherman knots which allow you to adjust the size to custom-fit the dog’s neck

* integrated reflectivity for low light visibility which is cool for early a.m. walks

* it includes a dog tag silencer which is nice so you don’t constantly hear that tag jingle

My absolute favorite feature of the collar is the aluminum V-ring that provides a secure leash attachment point and, since it’s always accessible, you can clip a leash on easily.  Sherm likes to run behind trees in our yard so it’s nice to be able to clip the leash onto him quickly rather than looking for the attachment site. Rufffwear has this feature built into the Top Rope™ Collar, which Shermie also wears, and I’ve always been a fan since it’s impossible to catch Sherm and get the leash clicked in quickly with other collars.

I also used the Knot-a-Leash, designed from the same kernmantle rope as the collar. It costs $29.95 and is available in the same color scheme as the Knot-a-Collar. The leash has the same integrated reflectivity and a comfortable tubular webbing handle. There are two sizes (S, L) and I tested the small, which I could put in my backpack since it’s super lightweight. Since Sherm hikes and runs off-leash, it’s great to have an easily-portable dog leash. All that aside, the best feature of the leash is the Ruffwear-designed, anodized aluminum locking gate carabiner. I LOVE the locking mechanism as it’s really secure in case Sherm wants to chase after a small forest critter.

Ruffwear also unveiled a redesign of the Climate Changer™ Fleece Jacket and an updated Just-a-Cinch™ Leash. When the weather cools down we’ll test the Fleece Jacket with Sherm!


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  1. This collar and leash look like a really cool combo. Thanks for the heads up! My babies have had the same collars for seven years, and they only come off for baths. Light weight nylon. But my babies have lots of thick fur around their necks, so there’s no chafing. The aluminum loop looks like it’s worth the purchase for that, though.

  2. I work in a cool, “alternative” kinda pet store – we carry only high-quality premium foods, for example, and durable, earth-friendly toys and accessories. We also carry a huge range of RuffWear products, of course! When we employees saw the RuffWear fall catalog, we all went CRAZY for the Knot-A-Collar and Knot-A-Leash set.

    Well, our new order arrived at the store on Friday and there they were – bundles and bundles of Knot-A-Collars and leashes. I immediately snatched up the snazzy red collar for my American Bulldog, Cerberus. I’d been wanting a “tag collar” for him, because we switch between a few different bigger collars (yeah, he has quite the wardrobe) and I was tired of pulling his tags off each of them as we rotated. Now he can just wear his Knot-A-Collar with his tags on it and I can use whichever other leather collar he wants to wear that day!

    Thanks for the awesome review of an equally awesome product!

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