With a variety of dog packs on the market in various shapes and sizes, deciding which is the best for your canine sidekick is no easy feat. Similar to the array of gear in our own closets, an outdoor-loving dog can also require some gear essentials to keep all four paws running, swimming, and on the go.

When it comes to dog packs, Ruffwear offers three options to choose from. So, which is the best dog pack for you and your pup? We like to take our first clue from the type of activity you’re planning. Here are some tips to help with your selection:

Singletrak Pack™

When dusty trails are the name of game, dogs (and humans) rejoice at the sleek, low-profile design of our Singletrak Pack – designed specifically to meet hydration needs. The body-hugging design keeps the saddlebags from shifting, snagging, and flopping.

–       Ideal for adventures when water is all you need.

–       Works similar to your human hydration pack. Think everything from mountain biking, running single track, or day hiking with minimal weight.

Approach Pack™

The everyday pack designed with convenience and functionality in mind. The Approach Pack is great for day hiking trips or shorter overnight adventures. Some dogs love it simply because it gives them a job to do, generating instant four-legged motivation!

–       Ideal for hiking dogs who’s humans enjoy having room to pack water bottles, treats, toys, and food – ready to pack out.

–       Smaller than our Palisades Pack, yet bigger than our Singletrak Pack, the features of the Approach Pack make this a great everyday piece of gear.


Palisades Pack™

Multi-day backcountry hounds are howling for the possibilities found in each feature of the Palisades Pack. With removable saddlebags, two included collapsible water bottles, and a built-in compression system, this pack has all the bases covered!

–       Ideal for multi-day hikes and hikes when removing saddlebags for rest stops and water crossings is a necessity.

–       Our most fully featured dog pack is pleasingly light and streamlined for reduced weight, handy on those extended trail hikes, trips, and journeys.

Ruff Wear Product Shoot - SS12

With all our dog packs, we recommend that your dog carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their pack.

Packs are designed to have a snug fit and carry most of the weight over the shoulders rather than mid-back.

Check in with our Customer Service team for more tips if you’re curious about which one is best for you, or if you need help with sizing! 541-388-1821, Mon-Fri, 8am – 4:30pm, Pacific Time, or support@ruffwear.com

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  1. I’ve been using the approach pack for a number of years and found that it is the perfect size for…everything. I have a large strong dog, a Kuvasz but I still don’t want him overloaded. The approach works for multi-day camping trip as well as simple trips to the grocery store. In it I can fit balanced 2 750l water bladders, 12 cups of dogfood in sandwich bags, K9 first-aid kit, dog boots, collapsible bowl, fire starter and strapped on top is his highland bed aswell as a pair of bear bells. Loaded the pack is well balanced and full enough that there is no flapping around to add unnecessary rubbing against the dog. One of the keys to backpacking whether for humans or dogs is to use the right size pack. Too often people get a pack that is too big and in evidently end up filling it with unnecessary and weighty items.

  2. To select the best Dog Pack is very difficult job. Because you have to carry a lots of item and I think you have to identify several factor through which you can select the best one for your dog.

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