The sweet dreams of an ordinary canine likely consist of an off-leash, squirrel-filled forest tucked away under miles of bacon trees. Sometimes, simply finding leash-free areas to enjoy with our dogs can prove a challenge – let alone one filled with bacon and squirrels.

With this in mind, we’re asking you, our fans (two and four-legged), to share your favorite dog-friendly adventure spots! On leash or off, this can be a great way to research your next backpacking trip, day hike, or romp through a squirrel forest.   Add your favorite spots to our Dog-Friendly Outdoor Spaces Map!












Add your favorite dog-friendly area! To add a point to the map:

  1. Select “Add” button (top, right-hand corner)
  2. Fill out the blank fields (including all four tabs!). Don’t forget to  add a picture of your dog in this spot under the “media” tab if you have one!
  3. Click “Submit”.
  4. You will be provided with a URL to use for edits.  Copy and save this unique URL in case you want to make changes after viewing it.  Once you have submitted your marker, you may have to refresh your screen to view it.

Get outside, enjoy time with your dog, and have fun!

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