Seeking those moments that take your breath away is best accomplished by traveling to beautiful outdoor spaces, with four furry legs at your side. With the official start of summer and the solstice just behind us, we are all ramped up for the best backpacking season yet.

Step One: Find an outdoor space. With places like Oregon’s beautiful Wallowa Mountains, Colorado’s Great Continental Divide, and Wyoming’s Wind River, the possibilities are endless.

Step Two: Pack up to pack in. Traveling on foot in the backcountry requires appropriate gear for both you and your pup. To meet these specific needs, we’ve taken one of our best pieces of backpacking gear and made it even better.

Introducing our newest model of the Palisades Pack™:










The process of refining and redesigning our gear is an ongoing effort here at Ruffwear. This process allows us to utilize the feedback from our fans so we can continue making the best gear that works when you need it.

Here are some highlights of the new features and improvements you can look forward to in your new Palisades Pack:

Reduced Weight and Bulk– Taking advantage of the latest in material innovations, we’ve been able to reduce the overall weight and bulk of the Palisades pack by up to 25%. This improvement has been implemented while maintaining the strength and durability Ruffwear gear is known for.  With less weight and bulk, you and your canine companion can go further, while traveling lighter.

New Improved Water Bladder – New h2O bladders are easy-to-use, collapsible, and work well for both the dog that drinks straight from the bottle or prefers hydration from a bowl. In addition, the interior hydration pockets store the cool water against the dog’s body and the weight-forward design distributes the weight over the dog’s torso, rather than in the middle of their back.

Straps That Stay in Place – New three-bar adjusters hold the harness webbing securely in place, even after many miles on the trail. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the belly pads to improve comfort when assistance is required to conquer the downed tree or boulder obstacles along the trail.

Replaceable Buckles– We’ve all experienced the moment when you realize that your dog just enjoyed a delicacy in canine cuisine; buckles. With most of the buckles on the Palisades Pack replaceable, we’ve got you covered.

Keeping up with innovation gives all of us the opportunity to maximize our outdoor experiences and take comfort in knowing our gear is designed to go the distance. Because adventure isn’t about the gear, it’s about the moments the gear is the last thing you have to think about.

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