Whether in the office or out on the trail, where your inspiration takes you is always an adventure. Embrace the moments that spark your desire to get dirty and laugh at the chaos of life with a dog. Here at Ruffwear, developing gear that enables our four-legged friends to accompany us on every journey, is what makes us tick.

Beyond the dirty paws, happily exhausted humans, and an office full of dog gear in nearly every form, Ruffwear beats at full force – five days a week. Coming into the hot heat of summer, what better way is there to transform the season than by transforming your gear?

In Ruffwear’s world, our gear opens the door for opportunity. Take for instance, our Web Master Harness. A product that since 2003, has lifted dogs over fallen trees, provided security down steep inclines, and even been integrated into our dog’s pack system.

With five points of adjustment, the Web Master Harness fits unique sizes and is ready for just about anything. It’s no surprise with such a successful design, we worked it into every pack in our line, in one way or another. With the Web Master Harness as the platform for our Palisades Pack, we found that innovation and efficiency go hand in hand for gear that goes with you. Get outside and go!

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  1. This will prove to be worthless except that of leaving dirty and painful rashes, you
    might also have acne killer. Some foods interact with warfarin, adding to the difficulty.

  2. I just ordered the Web Master Harness for my 12.5 year old lab/pit mix – after he suffered a spinal event earlier this week that has him with some mobility issues…..I can’t wait to receive it…..and neither can he ;o)

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