Here at the Ruffwear headquarters, we often find ourselves living vicariously through the wonderful world of Rumple. Not only does he get to call the beautiful state of Utah home, but it also happens that he has some fairly radical humans to call his companions.

When Monday morning rolled in, we weren’t surprised to find an inbox full of inspiring photos documenting yet another great adventure of Rumple and his human friends, Ellen, and Kolin.

Riding the wave of inspiration, here is a photo update that will likely raise your stoke level just like it did ours!

Rump heading up the gnarly hike into Lone Peak, Utah

Spooning Artist!
Rumple’s humans are pretty cool themselves!
Another day, another epic journey.
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4 thoughts

    1. Victor is very handsome as well.

      Rumple is a yellow lab (English), but he’s very dark and called a “fox red” Labrador. Rumple rules!

  1. That’s my labrador retriever’s dream job! She wears her ruffwear proudly and happily. She carries her own water, ball, leash, and food items when we hike in the beautiful Olympic Mtn wilderness. Thanks for a great product.

  2. Rumple is a great looking dog! Looks like an epic trip with lots of rock and ice which could be tough on the paws, good place to test some boots.

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